Join Our New Blogger Holly in Her Search for Federal Employment

By Holly Bates

Let me introduce myself. I’m a 40-something, fabulous woman working hard to focus us improving myself - both personally and professionally. I’m actively seeking employment here in Georgia within the human resource or contracting field after a three-year “vacation” in Hawaii where my husband was stationed.  

You've Become the Boss of Your Peers, Now What?

Congratulations on your promotion. Your superiors selected you over your peers to become the new manager. Navigating this transition into management will be tricky. Having to make that transition and be an effective leader to your former peers will be even trickier. But it's doable.

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Resign Gracefully and Keep Your Career Intact

Just when you think you are ahead of the game as you plan your next career move to match your next military household move, you are suddenly reminded that military life is always full of surprises. And most of the time it starts with the phrase, ‘Honey, guess what?’

Free Career Advice, Training and Networking!

Ten lucky Salute to Spouses readers have the opportunity to get a free, one-year membership to

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Cool Jobs: Creations by Rachel

Did you ever make something and think, ‘Hey, this is pretty cool. I wonder if I could sell this?’

More importantly, did you ever give it a try?

Coast Guard wife Rachel Wray, current stationed in Honolulu, took her lifelong love of creating and has turned it into a booming business that is helping to make military quarters all over the island feel like home.

Unaccompanied orders equal no spouse hiring preference

Kara is ready to work.

Her Navy husband is on assignment to an unaccompanied tour in Nevada. She moved to Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico to be closer to her family in his absence.

Now, she is ready to fill his time away with a job of her own. When she visited the hiring office on base though, she was told that she was unable to use spouse hiring preference to apply for a clerical or administrative job there.

So, You Still Want to be a Fed?

If the recent close call of a government shutdown didn’t scare you away from applying for a federal job and neither does the current hiring freeze, then now is as good a time as any to prepare yourself for the search. Just follow these seven easy steps to avoid being overwhelmed in the process.

Military Retirement Info Good for Spouses to Know Too

Is your military spouse preparing to leave the rank behind and join the civilian job force? My husband only has a handful of years left until that transition to retirement and I am dreading it. I’m unsure of how our benefits might change, namely medical coverage. I fear losing that steady paycheck. And let’s be honest, tax free combat pay covered a lot of bills.

If your husband is anything like mine, he probably hasn’t brought much information home from his pre-retirement briefings, or even began looking seriously at some of the issues. I, on the other hand, need info!  


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