Four Things to Never Say to Your Boss

Words matter. And with social media, texting and other casual, short-cut means of communicating, professionals unknowingly use language that could cut short their careers. To keep your career on track, consider eliminating these four phrases from your workplace interactions, especially with the boss. 

“We tried that before and it didn’t work”

Job Outlook for 2015 Grads

If you are a new college grad without a job, don't be discouraged about finding one. Employers who responded to the National Association of Colleges and Employers' Job Outlook 2015 Spring Update survey reported plans to hire 9.6 percent more Class of 2015 graduates in the U.S. than they hired from the Class of 2014.

In the fall they predicted it would be only be 8.3 percent so things are looking even better, thanks to the growing economy and an unemployment rate that, according to the Department of Labor, is the lowest it has been in years at 5.4 percent in April 2015.

Military Spouses: Score a Nonprofit Job Now!

Military spouses, did you know the good news that you don’t have to choose between your passion for helping charitable organizations and collecting a paycheck?

In the 2015 Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey, nonprofits report a continued trend of increasing their staff size. Half of the 362 respondents anticipate creating new positions and one-third of them reported they might create new ones.

The Awfulness and Awesomeness of Working from Home

Is working from home the cushiest gig ever, or the most difficult one? 

Seasoned teleworkers would say: both! Here are three ways it can become awful if not managed properly and four ways to enjoy its awesomeness if it is.

First, teleworkers save a lot of time by not commuting. But, what starts off as extra free time, can easily turn into extended work hours when you aren’t clock-watching as closely as you would if you had leave your work site to race home to meet other obligations on time. 

Job Fairs for April

It must be spring because there are job fairs happening all across the county, every single week! Every single job fair on the list below is open only to military spouses and military members.

Take advantage of the good weather (finally!) and the renewal in your step to put your best foot forward and find the perfect job.

Remember to dress as if you are headed to an interview, brings lots of copies of your resume and click on the link and register!! Many of these job fairs do not accept walk-ins or day of registrations.

April 7

Norman, OK

Can’t Find a Job in Your Career Field? Try Retail

Sometimes a career can head in a direction one least expects. And, many times, especially for Army wife Chelsea Smith, it’s all about putting yourself in the right place at the right time.

Cool Jobs: Personal Trainer

Anyone who has been stationed near Pearl Harbor has at least heard the name Dumbell Fitness. These ladies spend their days not just exercising but cheering each other on as they work toward their fitness goals. Navy spouse, Heidi Holloway, is one of the instructors and doesn’t just spend her days running dozens of miles next to clients because it pays the bills, she does it because she loves to help them succeed.

Here is more from Heidi about her cool job:

Heidi Holloway, Navy Wife

Job title: Personal and group trainer, and health coach.

Snow Day at School? Don’t Expect it at Work

Lauren Gaughan, 32, spent a frigid winter very pregnant in Maine, while her husband worked in the Navy shipyard there.

She worked in a pharmacy, with lots of steady and overtime hours to keep herself busy at the end of her pregnancy.

The native Arizonian, who had previously lived in sunny San Diego before Maine, was not so accustomed to the snow, sleet and blustery temperatures.

Getting to the pharmacy before it opened to a line of waiting clients had a learning curve, for sure, Gaughan said.

Employers Have Reached Out to Military Spouses, Have You Answered the Call?

The struggle is real.

As a military spouse, finding employment can be a serious challenge. The military family lifestyle is something that employers are often hesitant to embrace, as it can seem unstable, unavailable and ever changing.  

And sometimes, it is - but it doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker.

Spouses who can juggle PCS, deployment, children and securing the home front often don’t realize that those challenges build an exceptional set of skills that also make them excellent employees.

Dress For Success Even When You Long for Flannel Sweats

The last thing you want to do in frigid temperatures is don a business suit.

Sweat pants, hot cocoa and warm blankets are the good stuff about the winter months.

But when the alarm goes off at 5 a.m. on a Wednesday in February, you can’t just schlep to work in your flannel pajamas.

Business dress has to be maintained, no matter the weather, said Ann Marie Sabath, author of “Beyond Business Casual: What to Wear to Work If You Want to Get Ahead.”

“You are preparing for your next position,” she said. “You are an individual.  You are a professional.”


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