Wounded Troops Find Help for Their Homes

As of January, 2012, roughly 30,490 U.S. service members have been wounded due to combat actions in Iraq and 2,309 in Afghanistan.

For theses veterans, recovering from a wartime injury is just the first step.

Rebuilding their lives can sometimes involve taking an entirely new route, including needing to repair their homes to accommodate their new lifestyle. This type of home improvement can often be expensive and daunting.

The home improvement store, Home Depot, has made a commitment to help make that step easier for wounded veterans.

Home Depot has earmarked $750,000 to provide home repairs and retro-fit homes for disabled veterans across the country. The effort is part of Home Depot’s $30 million, three-year commitment to help with veterans’ housing needs.

Home Depot has teamed up with the national non-profit Operation Homefront to help locate veterans who need the assistance.

Over the past 10 years, Operation Homefront has assisted over 430,000 families of deployed soldiers and wounded warriors in 30 states with funding from individuals, as well as corporate sponsorships like Home Depot. The organization helps wounded warriors with payments for rent, mortgage payments, and utilities.

Case workers at Operation Homefront work closely with families to pair them with programs that can help them with their specific needs.

 “The thing that separates us from others [organizations] is our case management model,” said Amy Palmer, Air Force veteran and Operation Homefront’s Chief Operating Officer. “We work closely with families on not just what they think they need, but what makes the most sense for them.”

Partnering with Home Depot to provide these additional services for families is just one more way Operation Homefront can function as a ‘one stop shop’ for military families,” she said.

“If families have additional needs that we can’t help with, we can help them find partner agencies who can help them without having to send them to multiple places,” she said.


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