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Routines: A Love Hate Story

There are a lot of ways to feel about routines. 

Routines, by definition, are categorizations of actions followed regularly. While there are many routines that we would all like to forget (laundry, dishes, homework), none of these things can truly ever be avoided. Unless, you know, you are cool with dirty socks or crusty spoons. But I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you are not. 

When daily routines are not followed, things fall rapidly into disarray. The laundry piles up, the dirty dishes amass sadly in the sink. Then, at some point, we are forced to surrender a weekend to chores so that we may stop living like the Insane Clown Posse has hosted a very special concert in our kitchen. And we promise ourselves we will be more diligent, and are reminded of how helpful routines can be. 

But what happens when it isn’t laundry or dishes, but our homework? Academic work is often difficult and time consuming and cannot simply be fixed with some liquid soap. We end up not resigning ourselves to a weekend, but rather to long nights and hectic days. Although we’ve all been there at one point or another, playing an ongoing game of educational catch-up does not need to be the rule. 

Finding ways to sneak studying and school work into our daily routines is an absolute necessity.  I might sound crazy, but I carry my school backpack every day.  I take a notebook, pens, and any books that I’m capable of carrying everywhere I go.  Doctor’s appointments?  Yes.  Oil changes?  Yes.  FRG meetings?  YES!

If you aren’t getting a warm fuzzy from the idea of carrying an extra metric ton of crap around, one of the easiest ways to accomplish these things is to utilize a tablet. Most required reading sources are available for rent or purchase in e-book form, and most tablets have some sort of typing capability. Learning to work on the fly wasn’t the easiest habit to pick up … but I did come to see how much work I could get done while waiting to get called at the DMV. When I wasn’t playing Angry Birds of course.   

Because, seriously, who really has time for Angry Birds? 

Not us.  

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