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Need money for college? Check this scholarship list


Spring is approaching, which means scholarship deadlines are looming.

Have you found a scholarship that fits your qualifications yet? Military spouses have an edge over the competition because they can take advantage of programs specifically designed for military family members. Less applicants mean a better chance of winning – but only if you apply.

And this site is the place to do it.  

The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs has built a comprehensive list of military-related scholarships at their site,

The site lists scholarships for spouses, veterans, children of veterans and even grandchildren of veterans. 

Hidden amid the listing is this gem: “Financial Aid for Veterans, Military Personnel and Their Families, 2012 – 2014.” This all encompassing tome would cost $40 to purchase. They have posted it, in all its glory, for free.

And glorious, it is.

The book lists 833 funding programs available to veterans and their families. While the Salute to Spouses Scholarship is not currently included, the book does include programs for technical schools, community colleges and major universities. And all of the money is free. There are no loans listed.

Of the more than 800 programs, 454 are specifically for military family members.

If you are working on a tight deadline, the index lists the scholarships by the month of their application deadline.

Applying for scholarships couldn’t be easier.

So, get busy and look this list over. You could save yourself thousands in education expenses this year. 

For Military Spouses
Apply for the Salute to Spouses scholarship today and begin your education! You’ll be on the way to your dream career.

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