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Family Time: Finding the Balance When You’re Enrolled in School

When you’re in school you want to keep an even balance between class work and family time. Achieving that balance is possible but setting some guidelines and implementing a couple strategies will help you keep from tipping one way or the other.


Communication with your family will be more important than ever when you’re enrolled in school. Talking about how family is still a priority to you as well as what you need from everyone is key to making sure everyone knows what is expected. If you don’t already, try having a weekly family meeting to talk about what needs to get done for the week and assign duties. If they are old enough, let your kids be part of the process. You can try having a core list of duties that are assigned and then letting your kids pick one (or more) other thing they’d like to help get done.

Quality when Quantity isn’t Possible

When you’re busy (with school or otherwise) family time becomes more precious. Make sure to make the most of the moments you do get to spend together. That means no multi-tasking when you’re reading a book to your kids or helping them with their homework. If you’re having trouble find moments to spend time together, try taking out your calendar. By scheduling specific days to spend as a family or with individual family members (don’t forget those date nights!) you will not only be able to schedule homework around spending time with your family but you’ll avoid those guilty feelings when you have to say no to your kids or husband.

Meals are the Core

We’ve all heard it before, families who eat together are healthier, happier and students in these families tend to do better. While you’re in school make the extra effort to have at least one meal together each day. The family meal serves as a daily touch point for family members who might be going in half a dozen different directions at any given time. If your family commits to nothing else, picking one meal each day to sit down together will help you connect and strengthen family bonds.

These simple strategies will help you balance your new load of homework with keeping your family as a priority. Even in the busiest times remember to try at least one of these ideas and it will make all the difference.

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