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The ultimate in relaxing jobs: massage therapist

Army wife Heather Burtis had a stressful job. As youth sports director at Fort Irwin, she worked around the clock at base functions.

While she enjoyed her work, Burtis said, deep down, she dreamed of becoming a massage therapist.

After less than a year in school, Burtis is living that dream and finding that her life as a massage therapist is almost as relaxing and blissful as the massages she gives.

 “I was ready to directly help people and have an effect on their health,” Burtis said.

Burtis completed her coursework in seven months at a nearby massage school and obtained her license. Afterwards, she formed a LLC (limited liability corporation) and began contract work for a local salon. She currently works two to four days a week and earns a percentage of her booked appointments.

While in school, Burtis attended a workshop for Thai massage and quickly fell in love with the rhythmic form of massage. Recently, she traveled to Thailand for three weeks to perfect her technique.

In addition to her work at the salon, Burtis serves clients at her in-home studio located in her second floor bonus room. She said she loves having the control over her schedule that her new profession has given her.

 “Having this flexibility has kept me where I am,” she said. “I can take off when I want to have family time.”

There are obstacles, however, to this dream job. First is the ebb and flow of customers.

“It’s not always consistent,” Burtis said. “If you need a set pay every week, massage therapy can’t be your only job.”

And though her job is portable from state to state, there are restrictions on moving the LLC and her license.

“Some states may require you to do something more than what you have already done, like additional class hours, for example. States are always changing their regulations so regularly check into it,” she said.

A call to the secretary of state’s office will point license-holder in the right direction to meet that state’s requirements.

Burtis also recommends aspiring massage therapists not only purchase insurance for their practices, but also use a tax professional to maximize their small business tax benefits.

Burtis said she is finally living her dream, and in spite of the challenges, it’s the best thing for her and her family.

“Sometimes it can take a couple of years to establish a client base, so with this mobile lifestyle, it’s harder. But, I am truly doing something I love,” she said.

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