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PCS Moves Don’t Have to be Tough for Medical Professionals

Military spouses who also are medical professionals often have extra hurdles to jump when they PCS before they can begin work in a new state. Technology, however, has made the process less difficult. 

Thanks to the Internet, many of the steps you have to take are clearly explained, and you can avoid phone calls with recordings and long wait times.

In the medical field, states have varying rules regarding licenses, certifications and paperwork. Whether you want to work in your new state as a licensed practical nurse, a registered nurse, a lab technician or an X-ray technologist, the first step is to sort out the new state’s policies and procedures. Start with the state health department.

Visit Here, every state health department is at your fingertips, and you can find specific requirements for employment in medical fields.

“Some states actually require you to be licensed in their state before you can work there,” said Art Gorman, imaging manager of Diagnostic Systems of Georgia.  

“Here in Georgia, we don’t have a state license requirement, so a national certification for, say, X-ray technologist through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists is sufficient,” he said. 

Gorman also recommends searching the national registry’s website to begin your job search and encourages highlighting all of your equipment experience.

“Someone would move straight to the top of my list if they have experience using our brand of equipment,” he said.

Laboratory technicians also should look over certificate requirements when they move states. Once you have made contact with the state health department, next check with the certification department.

“When you are calling health departments, you should ask for the certification for laboratory office,” said Ola Monday, a lab surveyor for the Georgia Department of Public Health.

“All states have some kind of licensing personnel department specifically for diagnostics, laboratories, and laboratory technologists or technicians. Here in Georgia, our department is called the Diagnostic Service Unit, so that’s where you should start,” Monday said.

Most health department websites provide instructions on how to apply for licensure.

State requirements for nurses are listed on a single site: This site will direct you to your state’s board website, and most have instructions on licensing requirements. Some states even provide temporary licensure for military spouses so you can apply before you even arrive.

“Here in Minnesota, a military spouse would be the same as any nurse if they were applying to our state and licensed in another jurisdiction. They would just need to provide us with a copy of their current license, which we would verify and then issue them a temporary permit, as long as their license is in good standing with the other state,” said Shirley Brekken, executive director of the Minnesota Board of Nursing.

“Not all states use the national council site for verification (www., so if your state doesn’t participate, it is up to you to verify your license with your state and then our state,” Brekken said.

All candidates are responsible for their own licensing fees as well.

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