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Army Spouse Snaps Her Way into New Career

Like so many dream jobs, Charlene Vogel’s photography career began as a hobby.

After earning a degree in art and marrying her husband, a soldier, the only pictures she typically took were shots of her three children during cross country trips.

Now, the 31-year-old Army wife operates her own photo studio out of her Savannah, Ga., home and has been hired to cover major events such as the Carolina Music Awards and the filming of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition while the crew was on location in Savannah.

Her passion turned career has enabled the Army spouse to dictate her own schedule and carry her job with her as the family moves between duty stations.

“My photography gives me something to think about and focus on,” Vogel said. “I have flexibility to work around my kids. I take pictures when I need to and I edit when I need to.”

Vogel’s husband sent her what she calls her “first fancy camera,” during his deployment to the Middle East. Vogel immediately put the gift to use and began attending photography classes at the local community college.

After the family’s next PCS to Alabama, Vogel began photographing family and friends. Word of her talent spread and soon her business, Charlene Vogel Photography was born.

By the time the family moved to Savannah, Ga., Vogel was ready to build her physical studio. She turned the empty space above her garage into a 450-square-foot studio. All the finishing work, from laying flooring to installing windows, was completed by Vogel.

“I’m impatient, so I do handiwork,” she laughed.

The room doubles as a dance studio where Vogel can be found teaching ballet once a week, her other career.

Even as the family begins to look at retirement plans, Vogel is able to confidently move her new career into the next phase of her life.

Eventually, the family plans to make a permanent move to the west coast where Vogel’s family operates a vineyard and event planning business that hosts weekly weddings.

Vogel’s photography studio will be rolled into the family business, giving her steady work and a job closer to extended family.  

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