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Where is the best place to buy my book?

I’ve been Googling school supplies lately, the internets have deemed all of their “suggestions” for me be scholarly in nature. One of the recent suggestions was an app called “Titto”, which is supposed to be an alternative to purchasing or renting books through, say, Amazon or Chegg. Earlier in the year, we briefly spent some time together discussing renting our college textbooks so we don’t have to hand over our firstborn in payment.

In the interest of keeping my sad wallet from getting any sadder, I picked a book and figured out which site or app was most monetarily efficient. (I know, right? I’m a hoot at parties, too!)

I began with a middle of the road priced book for my upcoming semester: Ethical Journalist: Making Responsible Decisions in the Pursuit of News. (Seriously, guys. I promise, I am not the world’s most boring person.) This book is required for participation in Communications 409, which is a course they tell me is a necessity for a Communications major to take … go figure. It is recommended for purchase from the school’s bookstore, which is not likely the bank account-friendliest option. We’ll toss that option in, though, just to be fair. We’re also going to stick with the paperback or digital editions, because ain’t nobody got time for a 200-pound book.

Anyway, here’s how the numbers break down:

School Bookstore:

$74.00 (New)              $55.00 (Used)             $43.30 (12 month digital rental)


$74.99 (New)              $50.99 (Used)             $20.49 (4 month physical rental)


$67.87 (New)              $11.65 (Used)             $N/A (physical rental) 

$42.99 (digital rental)


$19.99 (Flat rate per month)

These prices are fairly comparable, to be honest. I’ve seen everything from no difference at all to, no joke, price gaps you could drive an eighteen-wheeler through.

The point, however, stays the same: a little time and research can save you a lot of money.

If the book is something you’ll never crack open again after the course is finished, rent it. And, if the book is something you’ll likely use in the future (hello, majoring in our goal employment area!) then don’t be afraid to buy it and keep it for your shelf. Whichever you choose, make sure the option is the best for you and your wallet!

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