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Websites we love: Scholarships for Women

Returning to school this fall?

Chances are you are shopping for books, paper, pens and scholarships.

With enough digging around base, your hometown and the internet, you will find that there are thousands upon thousands of dollars in scholarship money. And many of them are only given to very specific types of recipients.

Luckily, there are a lot of benefactors out there who think women and moms deserve an extra hand when it comes to finishing their college degrees.

Google the term, scholarships for women, and you will find thousands of hits.

One of our recent favorites comes from a list published by

The money expert site can guide you through choosing the best credit card, the best mortgage and applying for the some of the biggest scholarships available, nationwide.

The site’s round-up of scholarship dollars that are specifically awarded to women seems tailor made for military spouses.

The Emerge Scholarship, for example, is designed to specifically help women who education has been interrupted and who understand the power of giving back to their community. Sounds like a lot of military spouses we know! Learn more at:

The Philanthropic Educational Organization Program of Continuing Education awards money to women who are earning a degree to support their family. For the spouses of many injured service members this type of scholarship may be the help they need to make their dreams a reality. Learn more at:

To read’s full list, check out the entire article here:

Get those applications filled out and sent in!

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