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Websites We Love: Open Yale Courses

Want to see if you have what it takes to compete at an Ivy League school?

Here's your chance to give it a go, at Yale.

The storied university was founded in 1701 and has produced some of the highest paid alumni in the top jobs on the planet, to include five U.S. presidents, 19 U.S. Supreme Court justices and hundreds of members of Congress, U.S. Diplomats, Novel laureates and Rhodes Scholars.

Tuition, room, board, books and fees last year cost a cool $63,250. Per student.

But, at the school's online program, Open Yale Courses, anyone can sit in on classes, for free.

The site offers dozens of introductory courses taught by the distinguished professors and scholars at Yale. When you log into a course, you will be watching the full lectures, recorded in the Yale classroom.

No registration is required. No fees are paid.

Which means of course, you will receive no credit, degree or certificate for your attendance.

But, what you will gain is access to some of the most gifted academics on the planet and a chance to, "inspire your own critical thinking and creative imagination," says Diana Kleiner, founding director, in a letter to potential students on the page.

There is a wide range of courses offered, to include African American Studies, Astronomy, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, English, Philosophy, Religious Studies and many more.

Each online course includes a full set of class lectures, syllabi, suggested reading lists, exams and problem sets.

Roughly 1,300 of the 30,000 applicants receive a coveted slot in the school's freshman class each fall.

Who knows. Perhaps after you spend time learning and expanding your mind on Open Yale Courses, you will be inspired to work for one of those freshman slots.

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