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Websites we love: Month of the Military Child

Kids serve too.

It is that simple.

When mom and dad are home late after training, gone for a year to deploy and miss countless holidays, birthdays, school plays and even playtime after school because of military commitments, their kids feel the effects of military life.

They are military too. They move when the service member moves. They are emotionally changed during deployment. They hurt when their parent is injured.

Military children may not wear the uniform but they enjoy the rewards and carry the pain that comes with serving, just like their parent.

In every April the military pauses to thank them.

April is the month of the military child. According to DOD statistics, there are over 1 million current active duty military children and another 700,000 whose parents serve in the reserve components.

Most bases have free nights of bowling, food and events to celebrate the month. Check your local base paper and websites for all the details.

Here is a round-up of the best websites for freebies, scholarships, contests,  information and celebration of all that it means to be a military kid.


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