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It’s PCS time. The movers are here. You are still weeding through a pile of stuff in the middle of your garage floor. No time for a yard sale. But you don’t want to throw it all away either.

Can’t someone just come haul it off?

In fact, they can.

The website,, allows users to post their unwanted goods so that other people who need those items can come and take them.

The nonprofit has one goal, keep useable goods out of landfills. And with more than 8 million members around the globe, they are working hard to meet that goal.

At their online site you can type in your zip code, find the free cycle group closest to you, register as a user, for free, and then begin posting your unwanted items. You will receive responses from people who would like to have them and then you pick who gets it, they pick it up and ta da! That pile of stuff on your garage floor is gone.

The groups are run by volunteer organizers who insure that rules are followed and the goods flowing on the site are actually useful and not just trash.

And once you move to your new duty station, freecycle can help you fill your new quarters. Not only can you browse the items that are already listed, you can post an item that you are in search of. If you need a desk, post it. Someone may decide they have one that they are willing to give you.

Many users have bragged on the site that they have been able to furnish entire houses from the gently used goods they have been given by freecycle users.

Good for the environment, good for your pocketbook, good for your aching back.

Now, go clean out those closets! That stuff has new homes waiting for it!

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