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Websites We Love: Dogs on Deployment

On Monday, we introduced you to the staff of Dogs on Deployment in an article about helping pets cope with military deployment and reunion. And quite frankly, we think we didn’t say enough about this incredible organization.

This nationwide non-profit steps in to help match service members with volunteers who will care for their pets while they are away on duty. They also advocate for military pet owners’ rights and offer financial assistance in emergencies.

The civilian sector has a hard time understanding how difficult military life can be for families. And something as simple as owning a beloved dog can become an extremely difficult as service members deploy, PCS and, unfortunately, are injured. The work and dedication of Dogs on Deployment helps is so important because military pets are definitely the last consideration for other military non-profits. We dare say, pets are considered disposable in times of crisis for military families. That should not be allowed.

Military families love their pets and want to be dedicated, life-long owners. Military life makes that difficult. Dogs on Deployment makes it possible.

Check out their site at where you can ask for assistance as well as give assistance to other military families. The site also features a list of animal rescue organizations and businesses who support military pet owners.

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