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Websites We Love: Back To School Humor

Welcome back! We know it’s the first day of school and you may have the jitters, you may be nervous or you may have the utmost confidence. In any case, your day just became a lot busier.

Now begins the months of finishing dinner, your homework, your kids’ homework and all their afterschool activities in the same three-hour span – every single night. Now begins the late nights when your homework didn’t quite get finished.

Now is when you are going to wonder just how crazy you were when you thought you could pull off going back to school and working full-time. And eventually, you will realize, you got this.

But, as you re-adjust your daily routine over the next week, we thought you could use a few chuckles. We all know you’re going to take a break, or quite a few, as you find your groove balancing work, home and school. These sites offer a little back to school humor that are just long enough to give you a break but short enough to get you back to work quickly.



 Back to School photos that don’t quite make the grade:


Are you the class clown? Here’s some witty jokes that will make you and your teach chuckle:


And lastly, the first day of school, 1970 vs today. Caution, you may laugh until you cry:


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