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We Heart Military Bloggers

Our Favorite Blog of the Month:

There are a lot of military bloggers. A lot.

Moms, dads, kids, in-laws, spouses, cousins – you get the picture.

And then there are the women who blog about our greatest fear, being a military widow. And unfortunately, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have created a lot of potential widow bloggers.

Like many of you, my husband has deployed to the front lines multiple times. I am not certain that I could maintain my professional composure or even calm myself long enough to write eloquently or even form a basic sentence about life after his death. I am thankful he has returned home safely each time.

The military spouse blogger we highlight this month has the strength and wisdom that most of us could only hope for.

An Army wife, she was 20-years-old when her husband was hit by an IED in Iraq. The couple spent four years struggling with his recovery, including amputation, PTSD and TBI, before he died after an accidental overdose of pain medication while he was hospitalized for PTSD.

Nothing I have ever experienced can compare to the hell this woman must have endured. The mere thought of what those four years must have been like for her brings tears to my eyes.

She blogged nearly all of it: the ups, the downs, the recovery. And she is amazing.

Her writing, while it obviously touches the raw emotion of the difficult times, is so uplifting. She is unleashed, honest and witty. Reading her blog feels almost like sitting across the table from her and listening as she speaks. Her words are, alive.

I encourage everyone, not just military spouses, but everyone to take a look at her blog and be encouraged, humbled and awed by her strength and character.

So often we shun that which we fear the most, the death of our soldier. This blogger doesn’t just bring her readers through the bad times, she also lets them tag along with her on her journey to live.

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