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The great thing about being a military spouse is that you are never alone. There are thousands of us around the globe who share the same joy and heartbreak that come with life in uniform.

But did you ever think to look outside your own nation for support and comfort? Military life is not easy for spouses in any nation or of any army. You can see this by reading the blog, A Military Wife’s Mayhem by Canadian military spouse, Vanessa (no last name listed).

She writes about her husband’s deployment to Afghanistan as a member of the Canadian military. She writes about her two children. She deals with many of the same difficulties we American spouses encounter when it comes to arguing with the on-base housing office and navigating messy neighbors. She even chimed in on the Huffington Post article published in March that describes military families as having “lavish lifestyles.”

Her joys are our joys. Her heartbreak is our heartbreak. She may pledge allegiance to a different flag but she is our sister in arms.

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