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We Heart Military Bloggers

Our favorite blog of the month:

Google the words, “military blogs” and your search casts a very wide net: 874,000,000 hits strong.

The Department of Defense once tried to shut down military blogs in the heat of the Iraq War. Now, even the DOD has a blogger.

There’s a lot to read out there about military life. Every month, we are going to spotlight our favorite web-based reads.

This month, the honor goes to Marine Corps wife Kristine Schellhaas, founder of

 I had the pleasure of meeting Kristine earlier this year at a spouse event in Honolulu. What a great gal.

As the event’s guest speaker she made me laugh, cry and tingle with feelings I had long since stored away when my husband returned from deployment.

Her site is not just a blog. It is an ode to all things military and a great resource for all military spouses, not just Marine Corps wives. Kristine’s columns address everything from managing deployments to properly reading 24-hour, military time. Ha! You’re husband will never get away with military jargon again! 

Check out her page at



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