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Today, It Really Is All About You

Today, ladies, take a bow.

It is National Military Spouses Day.

And even if the next 12 hours drags on the same as any other day of the year as you head to work or school, do the dishes and the laundry and maybe even continue to charge through another day of deployment, know that today the country has paused for just a moment to recognize that the military might that defends this nation would stop functioning without your support.

That's right, you heard me. You are responsible for the fact that America is able to win wars.

Military spouses do not just send letters and packages to the front lines. We keep going, no matter the circumstances: through separation, loss of pay due to Congressional bickering, PCS flights on Christmas Day and even as we bow our heads to mourn the loss of a beloved brother in arms - we continue to march forward. To make the world better.  To serve our community and our country.

To pick up the pieces when our civilian counterparts cannot and even will not.

On some bases, there will be celebrations. For other spouses, especially those whose significant other serves in the reserves and Guard and are therefore separated from the unit by distance, there will be nary a person who mentions it.

But know this, the success of an entire nation has been built partially on your back and of the thousands of spouses who have served since America declared its independence. And you are appreciated. You are important.

Take a moment and remind yourself that the smallest acts can result in incredible greatness. Every day you continue to serve selflessly as a military spouse is evidence of that. 

Happy Military Spouses Day friends! 

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