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Time to Cut Through Government Red Tape

Years ago, I was covering a joint U.S. military exercise in Thailand when the helicopter I was in malfunctioned. Technically, we crashed. To me, it felt more like a rough landing. As we hurried away from the aircraft, I looked at the public affairs officer who was accompanying me, and who I knew well, and said, “You know, I’m going to need a press release on this.” He replied, “On what? I didn’t see a thing.” He was kidding. Kind of.

But the point is, the military can be a difficult beast to wrestle information away from. I’ve even found that a task as simple as registering my daughter for dance class on base can be fraught with difficulty. The information I receive depends on who I happen to catch working the desk that day. And just because they work there, doesn’t mean the information they give me is correct.

When a busy military spouse is keeping the family running during deployment, working a job and attending school, the last thing there is time for is multiple phone calls to multiple government agencies to get answers. We can help.

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