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Testing Study Sites

If a major test with a well-known acronym is in your future, the right preparation can set you up to maximize your score. There’s a range of free online tools to help you assess your current knowledge level, build on it and bone up on smart test-taking strategies.

College prep tests

If you’re unsure which college admission test is right for you – ACT or SAT – check out the Princeton Review’s breakdown of the two most common college admissions assessments. U.S. News & World Report also has a helpful guide on college admissions tests and how to prepare for them.

Most schools require one or the other; check with the specific school’s admission office to make sure you’re filling in the right blanks. It’s a tossup as to which is more common; most students end up taking both. Some sites suggest the SAT is still the most common test (more than 2 million students take it every year) and most colleges and universities require it for admission. But other experts say that’s a myth, that the ACT is just as widely accepted. If you take both, you can usually submit whichever score is higher.

Some schools require writing portions and subject tests as part of the application process. Some colleges require none of the above, but those are in the minority. It really depends on your field of study and college/university.

Sites to get you started

CollegeBoard’s SAT page has all kinds of great info – review tools, news about changes to the test, SAT study plan, even a full practice test – all free. For $31.99 you can purchase a full guide with DVD, or sign up for an online class for $69.95. It’s a range of options that will in the very least give you a starting point and an idea of how much more prep you need before you take the test.

At 4Tests, you can prep for dozens of free practice tests from the GED to the LSAT. Check out the discussion forums for feedback from fellow students on specific tests. Their study store connects you with test guides that are ranked and reviewed if you want to purchase extra support. 

The ACT is focused solely on that test. There are several free components (sample test questions, question of the day, test-taking tips, test descriptions, etc.), but no full practice test. For $24.95, you can buy a year’s access to their full online prep program.

Test Prep Review is another site with numerous free practice tests; one of the longest lists of practice tests out there. It also offers a breakdown of the major standardized tests are and what fields of study require them.

At, you’ll find articles, guides, practice tests and flash cards for SAT, ACT and GED. They also have more than 1,500 college application essays to give you ideas to jumpstart your own.

The Princeton Review offers free tests for SAT and ACT. You can register for paid services like tutoring and self-paced study courses. You can connect with a college admissions counselor in certain states and research college rankings, financial aid, study abroad, and more.



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