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Stop, Take a Break!

Are you in the middle of a PCS?

Are you stressed? Tired? Screaming at your spouse, your kids and anyone who asks if you're done yet?

Stop. Walk away. Take a mini-vacation if you can.

You heard me. Walk. A. Way.

When we PCS'd to Hawaii four years ago I was seven months pregnant, our three kids were driving us crazy as we tried to clean and prep our house for a renter as well as ship our household goods across the Pacific and wrap up our lives here. I was the local day camp director, we both were volunteers at another camp and barely a box had been packed. It was chaos.

So, I booked a four day trip to the beach.

My husband was beyond mad.

We have stuff to do. There are things in the house that need repaired. We have to finish packing. He fired off a very long list of excuses to prove to me that leaving the vicinity was a very bad idea.

Too bad. It was paid for.

So we left.

Best. Decision. Ever.

We escaped to the North Carolina Outer Banks. Not just the coast, but the outer islands to which we had to have a ferry carry us, our gear and our vehicle. There was no concierge, no hotel pool, no restaurants or phone service. Just us, a teeny, tiny cabin placed squarely on the beach, at the edge of the nation's east coast. There was hardly a soul there.

It was heaven.

We couldn't control what was happening back at our regular lives if we wanted to. No internet, no phone. We were stuck playing on a completely empty, beautiful beach.

We came back to a mess. But suddenly, it was ok. The stress was gone. We were recharged and ready to tackle it. The next two weeks of work were less difficult and less taxing.

Leaving for several days may not be possible. But get out as much as you can. Sit at the local coffee shop and have a coffee or an ice cream. Take your kids to the park. Walk away from the boxes and cleaning.

You will feel better.

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