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Searching for Scholarships?

Don’t let the howling winter weather fool you, spring is right around the corner. And that means scholarship deadlines are nearly due.

There are thousands of scholarship opportunities for students of every age, race, location and academic discipline. Some are even have very specific requirements that include heritage, club membership or even hobbies meaning that the pool of applicants is tiny and your chance of winning is high.

But first, you have to find those scholarships and apply for them.

Below is a list of websites that specifically cater to military families and either host or have compiled comprehensive lists of scholarships for military members and their families:

Below is a list of general scholarships available to a wider population, outside of the military:

To conduct your own scholarship search online, begin by searching by school, state, choice of major or career field. Also search for scholarships given out for athletes and other types of hobbies.

If you find a scholarship that you think you fit the qualifications for, but the deadline has passed, post a note in your calendar to search it again in the coming months. If you qualify again, be certain to apply before the next deadline.

Searching and applying for college money may seem like a fruitless effort. There are thousands of people vying for much of the same money. But if you persevere and continue to fill out each form attentively and carefully you never know how or when that dedication might pay off, or pay in full for your academic dreams.

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