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Our Favorite Website: Military One Source, FREE Tax Help

Tax season, ugh. Free stuff, good!

Now, you can have free stuff, during tax season.

Military OneSource offers free tax preparation for active duty military members, recent retirees and several other categories of qualified, military-related individuals.

The site can be tricky to find. We were temporarily stuck in a five minute loop of pressing a button to get to the tax page that only took us back to the website’s main page where we didn’t realize you had to wait for the tax preparation advertisement to pop up and then click on it. But, for it’s not a lot of hassle for getting free tax preparation in return.

Visit the tax prep site offered by Military OneSource by going directly to:

There, you will not only be able to prepare your taxes, for free, but also find information on filing late, for military members in combat zones, how to prepare taxes for an injured service member unable to do so for themselves, how to file an extension and even how to use that fat return check to increase your financial stability rather than increase the size of your television.

When you visit the site, you will be asked to create a Military OneSource User ID and password. Please don’t let this turn you off. Being a member of the site actually gives you lots of access to information regarding military benefits and updates, not just the tax preparation.

And, when you login and are ready to begin the process, do have all your tax documents on hand, including your w-2 which you can find at

Happy filing!

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