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November is National Caregivers Month

In 2015 officials estimated that over 900,000 Americans were injured in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Those requiring long-term, specialized care may number more than 100,000. This also means that there are thousands of mothers, fathers, siblings and spouses serving as caregivers to their wounded veterans. Add in the number of veterans from previous conflicts, including Vietnam and World War II, who need more assistance as they age and there are a lot of caregivers tending to our veterans.

November is National Caregiver Month, a time to support those tending to the injured or disabled. The National Alliance for Caregiving has put together a webinar titled Circle of Care Mental Health Toolkit for caregivers.

The webinar will air Wednesday, Nov. 21 at 3 p.m., EST. The alliance has partnered with mental health advocates and the National Alliance on Mental Illness to assist those who are caring for someone with mental illness. The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Key Facts & Figures on Mental Health Caregiving
  • Planning for the Future 
  • Taking Care of Yourself
  • Getting an Accurate Diagnosis 
  • Communicating with Health Professionals 
  • Finding Community Services 
  • Confidentiality and Family Involvement
  • Discharge Planning 
  • Health Insurance: Navigating Parity and Access Issues 
  • Finding Providers Who Understand & Treat the Condition 
  • Dealing with the Criminal Justice System 
  • Economic Impact of Mental Illness on Caregivers

To register for the webinar or check out the other helpful articles and resources for caregivers, visit

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