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Night owl? You might want to start going to bed earlier

Who else out there felt like a rock star when scientists reported last year that people who swear more and are messier are generally smarter?

Yep, I was suddenly awesome.

Soon after, researchers in Belgium and Miami conducted studies that concluded that people who stayed up late and slept in were generally smarter, more productive and more creative than their early to bed early to rise counterparts.

Heck ya, all my most bothersome traits were suddenly a goldmine of success.

Until now.

This month Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine reported that night owls also have an increased risk for diabetes, psychological problems and risk of dying.

Uh oh.

The study tracked nearly half a million adults in the United Kingdom over six years. Researchers believe the night owls in that study who suffered physical ailments were fighting an internal battle – their internal clock which preferred the night couldn’t keep up with the outside world which operated during daylight hours.

Also, researchers said members of the study who identified as night owls were twice as likely to report having a psychological illness.

So, what to do? Work on resetting your internal clock.

The researchers suggested gradually setting back your bedtime until you were going to bed at a more reasonable hour. They also said to ban all use of technology in the bed. Eating right and exercising should help too.

So, I while I mourn the loss of my late night hours where I felt more productive and creative, it is problem time to start setting my alarm and for my fellow night owls to do the same. Never fear, eating of the early worm not required. 

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