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Need a solid future plan? Seek guidance from your academic advisor

On the eighth day of school my son stormed the counselor’s office and demanded to change his schedule to the most rigorous and difficult track of courses available.

I questioned whether he had managed to loose his sanity in just the second week of sophomore year. But I also wasn’t surprised. He had been urged to choose those courses months earlier. Now, two weeks into the semester, he realized that the classes he had selected were not challenging enough.

He was forced to utter a dreaded teenage phrase, he was wrong, his counselor was right.

I was surprised when she agreed to take on the challenge of moving his schedule which would require extra effort by her, the teachers and him, who now had eight days of homework to complete in one weekend.

She said she was willing for one reason and one reason only: he had found his path and he was ready to take it.

His wishy washy class choices were a disappointment to those who knew him. They advised my honor student to sign up for the intense course track, to challenge himself more. But at the time, he was unsure of himself and his choices.

Over the summer, something clicked. And by the second week of school he knew the choices he had been mulling for three long months were the right ones.

He had a clear path in mind, of a career, of a list of schools he would like to apply to, even of a backup plan if everything came crashing down, as it often does. And on the eighth day of sophomore year, he was ready to put that plan in motion.

The moral of the story? Listen to your academic advisor.

High schools and colleges have counselors and academic advisors at the ready for their students. These people are more than simply someone with a list of courses and corresponding classroom numbers. They are trained to review your schedule, your goals and help you develop a plan that will grow you academically and personally.

They can help you meet your goals. But first, you have to listen to them.

As the fall semester begins, visit your academic advisor. Let them get to know you and you future hopes and dreams. They can help you make them a reality.

And be sure to listen to their advice, and take it.

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