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Need experience for your resume? Work or volunteer with a political campaign

Midterm elections are coming. That means political campaigns need workers, lots of them. And a fast-paced, never-ending push to Election Day could easily fill your resume with praise.

Job-finding sites like and have a plethora of campaign job listings. The best of those positions are paid well. Most, however, are volunteer work or if they are paid, are lower level jobs that require a lot of hours hoofing it around neighborhoods or cold calling voters.

Still, a political campaign is a great way to fill your resume. This work takes dedication and attention to detail. Since campaign work can be filled with a who’s who of local celebrities, serving with a campaign can also be an excellent way to network for your next job.

And, if you catch the bug to continue working in politics after the election, you can attend a campaign training session to better prepare you for the next round of elections and even score a paying gig.

The Campaign Workshop, which specializes in campaign and advocacy training, is a great place to start your search for campaign training. Their website, outlines the cost and location of some of the best campaign training programs in the nation.

Also, check with your local university. Many public affairs schools offer seminars and lecture series to help you kick start your political campaign career.

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