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Move Out. Adjust. Draw Fire

So I got a job. I am the digital media specialist for a local sportswear company. It sounds really fancy, doesn't it?

I haven't had a real, full-time, 40-hour work week job in over 11 years. When I began the interview process, I thought through (at least I thought I did) what it would take to make all of this work. One child can stay by himself. The other two have to go to afterschool care. They all have karate. Soldier may or may not be able to help with shuttling kids back and forth. I can do this. I can make this work.

Day two of my job and I get a frantic message on my cell phone from sweet boy. He has broken his key off in the front door. He is panicked and can't get into the house. Luckily, soldier was on his way home to save the day.

As for me, I sat at my desk and cried. I hope all moms go through this when they go back to work after so long. For a split second, I felt so selfish for wanting to go back to work and have something that is uniquely mine. My children still need me. My job is to shuttle them from place to place and make sure that they are organized and ready to roll.

Then I realized it was time to do what I have heard soldier say, "Move out. Adjust. Draw fire."

Simply put, I need to stay on my course. Make adjustments to the plans and schedules as needed. Then take the heat rounds as they come. I can do this. I'm an Army Wife?

May the moving gods smile upon you and may only the junk that you don't like get broken . . . sby

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