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A Message to Our Military Students and Families

Bryant & Stratton College Online would like to take a moment to thank those in our student community that currently serve, have served, and those who support our military as the Memorial Day weekend comes to a close.  We greatly appreciate the commitment, dedication and service of our military students, and we are proud to have them as part of the Bryant & Stratton College Online community.  

“For me, Memorial Day is an important tribute to those men and women that made America what it is today through their sacrifices,” said Ed Dennis, Military Relations Manager.  “Although we are an online campus, I have gotten to know some of our military students very well and continue to be impressed with how they balance their school work with their military service.”

“I couldn’t possibly list all the achievements of our students, but would like to recognize a few,” Ed went on to say.  “Jennetta, one of our spouse students, is a great student that is not only a mother, but a full time student who consistently receives an A in her courses.  I had the pleasure of meeting her, and was truly impressed by her drive to excel in school.  Ryan, who is currently serving in Afghanistan, provides inspiration for others by truly leading by example.  He is not only an NCO responsible for completing his duties, but made the choice to move from being a part time student to full time this semester while serving active duty.  Lauren provides a great example of our National Guard Soldiers that continue to manage their families, work, and college.  She is on track to be our first National Guard Online Campus Graduate.  A couple weeks ago, I was able to meet Shay, a veteran and student, for the first time in person.  She is very passionate about achieving high grades in the classroom and setting up our Student Veterans Group.  Anyone who has the chance to talk with her will quickly realize that she is very driven and wants to be a force for positive change.  It is an honor to get to know each of you.”

From all of us here at Bryant & Stratton College Online, THANK YOU for your service!

Christopher Allen
Tanesha Anderson
Mariana Ayala
Brunika Bagley
Danielle Barthel
Constance Beringer
Valdeen Burris
David Callari
Steven Cano
Benjamin Corpus
Sarah Crawford
Pensrikimoni Diston
Kirbie Duff
Amanda Gaudet
Edward Gelster
Angelina Hall
Andrew Hatchette
Lusan Hogue
Takoa Hogue
Karell Joyner
Luke Langlois
Darcie Larsen
Shay Leech
Brandon Lewis
Lauren Martin
Cassandra Maske
Alosia Mason
Brittany McDonald
MaryAnn McKeever
Christopher "Chrissy" Miller
Tia Perry
Lan Pham
Tawain Pompy
Sharee Santiago
Stefanie Strosky
David Wienk
Dolly Crabtree
Ryan Dahl
Michael Demello
Stephanie Langenfeld
Lauren Martin
Ehren Murrow
David Zimmerman
Jessica Schaffer
Kawanna Harvey

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