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Looking for a federal job? Visit these websites first

Are you a spouse looking for a job with great pay and benefits? Do you hope to keep that military connection long after your spouse retires?

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs may be worth a look.

The VA is the nation’s largest healthcare system and they hire in nearly every career field. Currently on there are 2,584 job listings at VA sites around the nation.

If you are a well-qualified candidate who is willing to relocate, you may have a wide range of options.

And the VA has a roadmap to help you be hired.

At click on the “Navigating the Hiring Process” tab. Here you will find a list of helpful information such as how to prepare your application, how to submit it and how to prepare for your interview.

Applicants to VA positions are expected to describe what the VA calls KSAs, or Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required for each position. How well you describe your KSAs can determine whether or not your resume is pulled.

The VA website also has tab detailing how to craft your resume to show off the KSAs the VA is looking for in candidates.

Before you begin filling out those forms and sending your resume, also check out

This website details how federal jobs are filled and how military members and their families can best plan a job search in the federal realm.

Securing a job with a federal or military agency can make for a smooth transition from military life. It can also be a complicated process. Take a day or two to familiarize yourself with the process, the lingo and the expectations by visiting the two websites mentioned above.

The extra preparation may mean the difference between being hired or becoming lost in a sea of applicants.

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