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Long distance heart beats

After five deployments, my family has seen and tried a lot of ways to keep connected.

We’ve emailed. We’ve skyped. My husband has recorded himself reading books to the kids. We’ve made countdown charts. We’ve lit deployment candles. My kids have a daddy doll, a daddy blanket and a jar full of kisses to eat each night before he returns.

They are each sweet, cheesy and necessary in their own way. I’ve finally come across a deployment item that just weirds me out a bit: the heart beat pillow.

Check out Joanna Montomery's Pillow Talk.

Scottish designer Joanna Montgomery has designed a pillow that is intended to let you “feel” another person’s heartbeat. To use the high tech pillows, two people wear a special ring that transmits their heartbeat info to a panel. The panel is installed in a pillow and when the ring is worn the pillow pulses and glows in real time.

There are very few answers on the site to explain how exactly the heartbeat is transmitted to the panel. And the product is not for sale yet.

But a glowing, beating pillow? The sentiment is sweet. And I think my kids would be highly amused. But for me, when my husband is deployed, I need to get all the sleep I can before my kids wake up and I have to run just to keep up with them.

What do you think?

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