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Halloween on the clock

By Salute to Spouses Staff

Halloween is becoming one of the top celebrated holidays in the workplace. A recent survey by National Today shows that 72 percent of U.S. employers encourage their employees to wear a costume to work for the holiday.

The day of candy and fun offers many workplaces a chance to build comradery and give employees a chance to get to know each other better.

It also could offer an opportunity for well-intentioned employees to offend their co-workers and their supervisors.

Planning to wear a costume to work for Halloween? Follow these guidelines:

  1. If the costume impedes your ability to work, don’t wear it. Large, cumbersome costumes, or even those that have glitter falling off, could irritate co-workers, especially if it means you spend your day showing off rather than working.
  2. Want to spend the day bonding with your co-workers rather than arguing? Avoid political costumes.
  3. There is a fine line between funny and offensive. If you think you are teetering on that line, don’t do it. Even if a co-worker doesn’t mention that they find your choice offensive, it could cause hard feelings and make future joint projects difficult.
  4. Keep sexy out of the office. The office Halloween party is no place for sexy costumes or revealing clothing. Make sure anything you wear sticks to office dress code.
  5. You don’t have to wear a costume! Choose black and orange clothing, Halloween themed t-shirts, earrings and hair accessories work well too. While it’s great to have fun at the office, it’s not the best place to show off your craziest costume.


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