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Growing Pains: Back to Work, 11 Years Later

You know, this whole working thing kinda stinks. Don't get me wrong! I love my job. My co-workers are great! We have so much fun in our library! If you are connected to me on Twitter or Facebook, you would have seen a picture or two of me planking in our library.

What you should know is that when I last worked, 11 years ago, I was a salaried employee. I had vacation days and sick days. If I needed to be away from my office, I just let my boss know and set up my "out of office" reply on my email and voicemail. It was just that simple.

With this job, it's not that simple.

I am a part-time librarian at the local elementary school. I have set hours there and flexing my job around life (sick days and such) is not easy. 

I was thrilled to find this job. It was just the right hours to accommodate my marathon training, and when I told them of the days off I would need around the marathon, they were un-phased.

I should tell you that when I need to be absent from work, a substitute has to be found. So having had a sub work for me on Monday, I had some heartburn about asking for someone to work on Friday when I had to go to sweet soldier's awards ceremony. Then I really had heartburn when I fell down the stairs and twisted my ankle so badly that I had to go to the clinic. The problem was that the earliest appointment I could get was at 1 p.m. I arrive for work at noon.

I guess it all goes back to being able to ask for help. I'm not very good at that. My friends and family know that if I have gotten to the point that I am asking for help, things have gone completely sideways. But I am learning. These ladies that work with me are amazing and fun, and they have never made me feel badly about asking for time away.

It’s a new experience and a new chapter. And what’s not to love about the library!

Be inspired to be an inspired spouse!  SBY

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