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The gift of life and random acts of kindness

By Amy Nielsen

This is going to be short and sweet this week seeing as it is New Year’s Eve and all. Honestly, I have had a really hard time coming up to this specific day. I put a lot of stock in this year and I feel very much like I am none too far beyond where I was on this day last year. I was having a good ol’ pitty party and feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Then, bam! Something happens for two dear friends out of the blue that is quite literally in the last seconds, lifesaving. Not once, but twice in the same week, friends have received organs through donation.

And absolutely nothing I have or had to say about anything in my life suddenly mattered anymore.

If you are able, please, please, please, I am going to get on my knees here and even beg you – become an organ donor. Then keep it up and become aware of the kinds of lives you may touch if you are called upon. Make sure your immediate family members are aware of your decision and willing to act on your behalf.

Your organs could literally save the life of another.

So as 2017 ends, a year in which so much has been blown to bits in all corners of decent society, please, take the time to become an organ donor in 2018.

It is the ultimate random act of kindness.

My love, honor, respect, and dedication to those whose lives were lost so my friends might live.

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