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Do You Want To Be A Writer?

No experience needed.

You read correctly. None. Nada. Zip. Zero.

Of course, we might have to edit the heck out of you and send you a complimentary dictionary. Nah, just kidding. Ok, maybe.

But, we are not kidding about the writing part. Salute to Spouses is for military spouses, written by military spouses. And we want you to have the chance to tell your story.

We are thousands of women who move every three years to different places around the world, meet hundreds of new people and learn all kinds of great things. We are an incredible group of people with a lot of experience and fabulous stories under our belts.

So now is your time to share them. And grow a career. And be published. And get paid for it!

Yes my friends, there is money involved. And no experience necessary. Seriously, this is a gig to go for.

If you are interested, please email me at  Tell me about yourself, why you would like to write a blog and why you think other military spouses would like to read your blog.

 Let your voice be heard. We are here to hold the microphone. 

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