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Deployment Soundtrack: Miss Movin On
Miss Movin On

Fifth Harmony, 2013

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I'll never be that girl again, no

I'll never be that girl again, no

My innocence is wearing thin but

My heart is growing strong

So call me, call me, call me

Miss Movin' On, oh oh oh

Miss Movin' On, oh oh oh, yeah


I have been talking to people lately about change, mostly body change. We talk about diet and exercise and that equates to a lifestyle change. To make that change and make it permanent, you have to want it. And by wanting it, I mean really wanting it - even more than you want air.

In my own life, I found that food and a sedentary lifestyle became an addiction. I remember one day specifically in North Carolina: I was sitting on the couch watching television. It was the middle of the day and the kids were in the house playing. I remember thinking 'I should get up and take the kids outside.' But I didn't get up. I remember that my butt was sore from sitting in that seat for so long, but I still wouldn't get up. I just refused.

But my worst moment was when I put a lock on one of the cabinet doors. I had caught one of the kids sneaking my favorite snacks (the big frosted sugar cookies from the grocery store). I bought a cabinet lock that you would see on a display case at a department store and I installed it on my kitchen cabinet. Food was my drug of choice and I think that may be the case for a lot of people (not just women).

I have said it before and I will say it again. Food does not have feelings. Food is purely fuel.

When my journey began, I wanted to change. I wanted it more than I had wanted anything in a long time. I wanted it so badly that when I would drive through to pick up fast food for my kids, I would take a protein shake with me. For the first year, I was almost maniacal about what was going into my body. But here it is three years later, and I can report that I have kept the weight off. I don't have to be quite as vigilant now, but I have made lifestyle changes that work for me.

So whether your journey is to a better you, better finances, better relationships, better anything, your first step is to want it more than you have ever wanted anything in your life. You have to want it so much that there is nothing you won't do for it! Never forget that no matter what, I am in your corner. I am pulling for you!

The next step is to make a plan!


Strength and Courage ... sby

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