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Competitive hiring in retail? Yes

Since Congress approved a tax cut in January that benefitted businesses, more employees are reaping the benefits in their paychecks.

At last count 15 national companies are giving thousands of employees up to a $1,000 bonus. Those companies include JetBlue, AT&T and American Airlines.  There are dozens more local companies across the country that have done the same.

Other corporations, both national and local, have announced increases to pay and 401K accounts.

 Americans for Tax Reform, a nonprofit created in 1985 at the request of President Reagan urges legislators to commit to opposing efforts to increase income taxes on individuals or businesses.

The ATR has compiled a list of every employer granting bonuses after January’s tax cut. Find the list here:

More money in employees’ pockets means better workers will stay and perform well. Poor wages mean less workers or no workers, a hard lesson learned by Toys ‘R’ Us this week as the retail giant announced that it will close after 70 years. The store had long paid just minimum wage with little extra incentive. Would-be employees found employment elsewhere with better benefits.

Now, with the national unemployment rate at a record low of 17.1 percent, many retail stores are desperate for good help, and they are willing to compensate to keep hard workers on board. Which means if you are looking for work in retail, it is a competitive market and you can use that to your advantage.

For military spouses, this is great news. As you conduct your job search in retail work, interview with a variety of locations and ask specific questions about the packages and pay being offered. You may find that a manager who recognizes the value of an experienced military spouse is willing to sweeten the hiring package.

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