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The College Spouse: No more teachers, no more books … for the kids

‘I don’t want to go to summer school!’

I cannot believe that at 38 years old, I am saying this.

I also cannot believe that I am envious of my two kids because they are enjoying their summer vacation, and here I am, taking two classes.  Granted only one class is a sit down class and meets once a week, and one is an online class, but still. I want my summer off too!

But alas, I must push forward. At first I had set my goal to finish my BA before we left this post. My husband’s slot is a three-year slot, and we have been here for a little over two years. So, we both figured he would come down on orders in late summer/early fall, and we’d be off to our new adventure. Well, didn’t quite happen that way. He ended up coming down on orders already, but not until April 2013. He will be heading to Korea, and the kids and I will stay here until he returns, and then head to what will hopefully be our last post before retirement. So in reality, I have more time than I thought to finish my degree.

And being that I have more time, I can easily see slowing my pace. Why push to finish by next summer, when I will be here for another two years? Why not take the summer off and enjoy time with your kids? And my answer is this: it has taken me long enough to get here and I don’t want to take even longer to get to the end of this road. And also, I really want to be done with school!

Taking two months off just adds two months later on and I don’t want to do that. I have a goal. A goal that is attainable. A goal that is in sight. A goal that I have worked towards for a long time. No stopping now!

Besides, I have evenings to work on my assignments, not to mention all the times my kids are playing with their friends during the day. But even knowing this, I still can’t help thinking, ‘I want my summer off too!’ Oh, to be a kid again!


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