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Calling All Female Veterans

Women serve. Women fight. Women are injured. The VA is finally not just noticing but reaching out to female veterans.

This summer the VA began calling every female veteran by phone to personally talk with them about health care and services available especially for them as women. Officials estimate there are roughly 1.8 million women veterans living today.

The calls are part of the VA’s new push to improve health care services for women veterans, one of the fastest growing segments of the veteran population. Women account for nearly 8 percent of the total veteran population and 6 percent of veterans who use the VA health care system.

Officials estimate that by 2020, women will account for 10 percent of America’s veteran population.

The VA’s Women Veterans Care Program offers professionals who specialize in women’s medical issues, including osteoporosis management, menopausal services and preventive screenings for breast and cervical cancer.

For more information about VA programs and services for women veterans, please visit: and

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