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Battling Bare

Did you happen to see the pictures of naked military spouses who are trying to draw attention and support for soldiers battling PTSD?

I don't know how I missed this. In 2012, a group called Battling Bare, based in Kentucky, took photos of military spouses stripped down to the skin. They wrote on their bodies about the pain of enduring PTSD and their never ending love for their service member as they fight to bring him back from the brink of the disease.

It is pretty powerful stuff. These women literally put all of themselves out there to catch America's attention. They need help. Their soldiers are suffering.

But did anyone listen?

The statistics grow every day. Suicides among not just service members, but also their families, are happening daily. Ten plus years of war is taking its toll. Now, budget cuts mean families who have literally dedicated every day of those ten years to war are being pink slipped and sent packing - a fact that few Americans realize.

America's military families need help. Every day, as the war winds down, there are fewer hands reaching out to offer assistance.

Kudos to the ladies of Battling Bare who continue to fight for us all. Their Facebook page offers encouragement, resources and a safe environment for those who are suffering to share and be understood.

Check them out at

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