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End of Pregnancy Blues

The end of pregnancy is wrought with exhaustion and constant urination.

Insomnia coupled with intense sweating.

Cramps and pain and waddles.

It’s not a miracle; it’s a nightmare.

I crave things I’ve run out of room to eat.  I’m cranky and irritable.  I just want a nap and a marathon of some cheesy reality series and cheesier snacks.

But my children don’t care or humor me in the least, and neither does the Navy.

My husband isn’t home to help anymore.  And this baby is coming soon.  Very soon.

But not soon enough.

Hurricanes are Coming, Are you Ready?

Tropical Storm Joaquin has become a hurricane and is barreling towards the east coast today. Eleven  states, stretching from Appalachia to New England are under flood watch.

And in those states there are likely thousands of military families, who PCS'd there this summer and have never had to prepare for a hurricane. If this includes you, you should start preparing, now.

When Bad Books Happen to Good People

So, I’m in this microeconomics class.

You may have taken a microeconomics class before, and you may read this and think that I am a whiny, self-pitying pain in the butt, and that is occasionally true.  At any rate, I’m going to give you a rundown of the first two chapters of my lessons:

How to Be a Great Reference for Job Hunters

It's down to the wire. Resumes were reviewed. Interviews were conducted. Thank you cards were received. All the top contenders are great candidates for Company X. But, there's only one position to fill. Let the reference checks begin!

How many times have you been holding your breath, hoping your references will get you over the top?

What happens when you are that hope for someone else?

When a friend asks you to be there reference, you might want to just say, “She's awesome! Hire her.”

Sitting Alone at Lunch? Reach Out To Your Co-Workers

Walking into the lunchroom on the first day of a new job can feel a bit like being the new kid at school.

You don’t know who to sit by. Or where.

For those of us with the slightest bit of an introverted personality, sometimes it is easier to sit at our desk and read a book. Or just keep working as we munch on our sandwich.


One of the most important career moves you can make for yourself is to take the time at lunch to get to know your co-workers. Ask them about their lives, tell them about yours.

October Hiring Fairs: Military Spouses Only!

Holidays are approaching. You know what that means? Employers need extra help! And you may be just the right fit.

Check out these military spouse only hiring fairs across the country. These events are hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation in an effort to keep spouses working even after PCS.

The employers who attended are looking for spouses because of the talent and skills that spouses can bring to their companies.

Remember to click on the link and register. Spaces fill fast!

Oct. 1

San Diego, Calif.

Want to Write? We Want You!

Dream of having your own blog? We can make that dream come true.

If you are a savvy military spouse who can put pen to paper we would love to interview you for our next blog spot. We want to hear from fantastic military spouses who are juggling a job and military life, from moms who wear combat boots and dads who hold down the homefront while mom heads to the front lines. Do you volunteer a lot? We want to hear from you too!

Are you a Working Military Spouse? The Government Might Subsidize your Off-Post Day Care Costs

By Mandy Rebmann

A couple of months after closing on our new house, my husband had a troubled look on his face. He was working on the monthly budget. 

“So, how soon can you go back to work,” he asked.

I knew it was coming. I had already been working on getting a job with my old company, which I was lucky enough to do.  Hello paycheck. Goodbye stay-at-home mommy, “free” child care.

Natural Rx: Your Home Apothecary

Christine Cioppa

The scuttlebutt on many bases is that home apothecaries are a must-have. In the hopes of their medicinal properties, more and more people are turning to fresh or dried herbs, tinctures or herbal extracts, topical salves, herbal teas and essential oils. But is it safe? How do you know if you’re doing it right?

Especially when three of your neighbors are selling essential oils door to door and leaning on you to buy some.

September is Suicide Awareness Month - Reach Out, Give Hope

Last year my son's pee wee football coach suddenly died.

He was young. Funny. Friendly. I loved that he was my son's coach because he seemed to understand my son's often difficult behavioral issues. He was good with the boys. He and his family were adored in our community.



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