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Memorial Day: Pause, Remember, Be Thankful

It's not about you.

It's not about barbecue or days off of work or sales in the linen aisle.

Every year Memorial Day seems to stir up some confusion.

For families who have never served or been touched by the hell of war, the three-day weekend is a time to picnic, celebrate and vacation.

For some young service members, they seem to think the weekend is in honor of their service.

The retail industry sees it as a weekend for huge discounts and large sales.

It is none of these.

It is the most somber of American holidays.

Children's Imaginations Fill In Gaps When They Don't Know Where Daddy Deploys

We were getting ready for dinner when my 2-year-old stopped me.

“Mama!” she cried.  “Mama! Where’s Daddy’s food?”

I stopped, puzzled.  My husband has been deployed for months and months.  He hasn’t eaten a meal here in even longer.  I hadn’t set a place for him in ages, let alone made him up a plate of food like the rest of the family.

But my toddler kept on going.

“Mama!  Daddy’s food! What Daddy eatin’?”

She was pleading with me for an answer.

PCSing? Attend a Job Fair in Your New Hometown

PCSing? Need a new job at the new duty station?

One of the first items on your ‘to do’ list then should be to attend a job fair.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation hosts job fairs specifically for military spouses and retiring military members. These events are held across the nation, all year long.

Employers there know the value of employees who have military experience, both as soldiers and spouses, and are there to hire military family members.

Home Appraisal, One of the Trickiest Steps in Home Buying

By Mandy Rebmann

When I heard the voicemail left by my real estate agent, a chill ran through me.  We knew the VA appraisal had been completed, and were waiting to hear if there were any major issues.  Anyone who has been through the home-buying process knows the appraisal step can often go wrong.

10 Quick Tips to Nailing Your Video Job Interview

It can be tough for spouses who are PCSing to be at a job interview in their new location before they have packed up at their current duty station. Especially if the two bases are across country, or even overseas.

Luckily, technology is making it easier for employers to conduct interviews with potential hires via internet and video cameras. No traveling. No sitting nervously in the lobby. The weather outside won’t touch that perfect hair and makeup after you’ve left the mirror. And, no heels to wear!

School’s Out! Now, Where to Send the Kids?

The summer panic is starting to set in.

For some families with a stay-at-home parent this means finding ways to entertain the kids for eight long weeks.

For others, like mine, it means finding affordable, fulltime day care, for eight long weeks. In our family that weekly dollar amount is multiplied by five. And the resulting number is twice what I actually make on the job for the week.


College is Expensive, Here’s a Few Ways You Can Attend for Free

Dude. College is expensive. If you’re anything like me, you’re broke after buying books, pens, paper, binders, backpacks, software, ridiculously expensive calculators … oh yeah, and paying tuition.

I did a little math. Notice that I said “a little”, because I do not do big math. I added up my tuition for eight semesters at a community college: $19,488.96.

Blogs We Love: Free Stuff for Military Families!

May marks Military Appreciation Month across the nation.

Restaurants, theme parks, cruise lines, car dealerships and dozens of other businesses have posted discounts for military members (reserve, active duty and retired) on their websites.

Military Spousehood: You Can Never Really Be Fully Prepared

It’s been a full-moon, thunderstorm kind of month around here.

If it can go wrong, it has.  And normally all at the same time.

It’s also not just me.  My fellow military spouses are experiencing some real low lows this spring, too.

Broken appliances.  Speeding tickets.  Family emergencies.  Car accidents.  Power outages.  Sick kids.  Migraines.  Houses that seem to keep getting messier.

They are plaguing everyone.

Unemployed? Hit the Campaign Trail

As presidential candidates step forward in the coming months, state and local politicians will be preparing for elections too. Rather than following the races via media, participating as a campaign volunteer  can be a great way to not only gain work skills, but also use your newfound expertise to secure a permanent position.  


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