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Own a Business? Don’t be a Jerk on Social Media

Small business owners are at a disadvantage when it comes to advertising. Marketing materials are expensive. Copy space in newspapers, billboards and magazines is usually out of reach.

So, military spouses, stay-at-home moms and entrepreneurs who run their businesses out of their garage turn to Facebook to spread the word, often with a lot of success.

It’s a great place to tell friends about their new business. It’s a great place for their friends’ friends to spread the word.
It’s also a great place to kill your business if you are not careful with your posts.

Go Team Go! Families are the Best Teammates During Deployment

I took my 3-year-old to her first soccer practice last month. 

It was the little toddler team on the Navy base. Other than ballet, it’s the first organized activity she’s ever done. And it’s definitely the first team sport she’s ever done.

First, the coach rallied them all together and made them pick a team name and taught them a quick cheer. I heard “Go Heroes!” the rest of the way home and on into the following morning.  She loved soccer, even if she still had absolutely no idea how the game was played. She just loved the idea of being part of a team.

December Job Fairs

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. But don’t let the hustle and bustle of the holidays sidetrack your job search.
If you are still jobless, make sure you spend time every day working on finding that job, whether you are sitting down and searching online job sites, filling out applications or hitting the pavement.

Job Searching and Facing the Financial Reality

By Holly Bates

Tick-tock …

Tick-tock …

That’s the sound of the clock in my dining room each day I spend online looking for a federal job and waiting for CPAC to contact me about my dream job, which, at this point, has become any job.

Finally, the Help That Millions of Family Members Deserve While Caring for Wounded Veterans

Community organizations, legislation and millions of dollars in aid from private corporations have been created to help wounded military warriors.

Base Neighbor Demands Credit for Putting Up with Military

Let me introduce you to the ugly American.

She was sitting at the gate of a major military installation last weekend, waiting to get a pass to attend a birthday party behind the gate. Apparently, she had had enough and blurted her frustrations out on Facebook.

Military = Family

No matter how old I get, being away from home for any holiday makes me a little homesick. My children’s birthdays are no different.

Websites we love: Military Funeral Honors

It’s the topic no one wants to talk about; especially not the 20-something wife of a soldier.

Funeral arrangements. Not a happy topic, not an easy topic, but at some point, everybody has to face this reality. That day will be easier if you have some preparation.

And military funerals are quite a production. They are gut-wrenching and awe-inspiring all at once. And our personal opinion is that every single veteran who has served deserves the full honor afforded to them.

At Least He's Not Getting Shot At

Today is day number one of this, “let’s live apart for 8 months while we fight for our foster daughter” thing we’re going through. It sucks. It’s hard. It feels like someone sucked the light out of my little world, and even worse, it’s raining. How cliché is that? But after all the times he’s left, I just feel numb to it all.

When the Paycheck Doesn't Stretch Far Enough: Community Services are in Place to Help Military Families

Deployment is very stressful on families.

But for some families, especially those in the lower enlisted ranks who sometimes struggle to make ends meet, dealing with deployment while struggling with financial difficulties makes life  all the more taxing.


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