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New Military Spouse? Step 1: Join Community Groups, Attend Events

By Jenna Moede

I hope no one feels as awkward as I did when I first married into the military. The title of “military spouse” made me really, really uncomfortable. In fact, I let it make me miserable until I started embracing my new city.  

Because of our spouses, we get to call two communities home: the military community and the local community outside the gate. Once I realized how lucky that made me, I stopped feeling sorry for myself and started understanding how to fit in. 

Busted? Looking for a Job, but Didn’t Tell Your Boss?

If your boss caught you red-handed looking for another job, hopefully it wasn’t because you left your resume on the copy machine or she saw your headline change on LinkedIn.

But if it was one of these or any other misfortune, you’ve got some explaining to do. The best thing to do is to be honest.

“Fess up and tell them that you are looking for a new job. But also, tell them why,” said Abby Kohut, human resource professional and contract recruiter ( “If they like you they may try to convince you to stay.”

Branding Your Business

By Amy Nielsen

Working on the road again and school has me staring to think about branding my business. What image do I want to present to the world? What is my elevator speech? Can I tweet my business mission statement?

Currently, I am traveling in the greatest state in the union for branding, Florida. I should have lots of excellent examples to examine up close and personal.

Congrats! You’re a Military Spouse, Now What?

By Jenna Moede

I remember packing up the minivan that my parents gave me for college and driving out to meet my fiancé for our courthouse wedding.  I had this really pretty picture in my head about how easy married military life would be. 

Coming from a family with many service members, I thought I knew what to expect. But, I’ve dealt with a few twists along the way to my perfect picture.

Expect imperfections 

Cold and Flu Season is Coming – Are you Too Sick for School?

If you’ve walked into class recently and noticed a decline in attendance, a round of the cold or flu virus might just be making its way through the campus hallways.

Flu season peaks between December and March, though illness can begin appearing in early fall and last into the spring.

Don’t know the difference between the two?

Cold: Symptoms include a sore throat, runny nose, congestion and cough. Fevers are uncommon. Lasts about three days to a week.

Work, Work Hard, But Take Time To Recharge

By Amy Nielsen

It’s fall in upstate New York where I live. The leaves are turning and the air is getting crisp. October is always my favorite season, yes, season. I have lived in many places in the world and there is nothing like fall in New England, especially October in New England.

Even in other parts of the world at similar latitudes, with similar trees, there is just something different about New England. The only place I have been where it is similar, yet a different magic is cast upon the land, is the Scottish Highlands. In October. Go figure.

Meet Our New Blogger: She Wants You to Meet Your Education and Career Goals

By Jenna Moede

I know a lot of military spouses would introduce themselves as, a military spouse. But I like to tell people I’m a writer and a teacher, before I mention my husband’s career. 

I have built my own identity, and when people ask me about myself, I make it a point to talk about myself. It was something that was really hard to do, at first. While I’m proud of my husband’s active duty Air Force service, my role as his spouse doesn’t define me. I have many accomplishments and goals that are my own.

Military Spouse Attorneys: Does your state have relaxed licensing rules?

It’s no secret that military spouses experience plenty of barriers as they try to maintain full-time careers and frequently relocate due to PCS orders.

For many, the choice becomes to either stay where they are and keep the current job, or keep the family intact and risk not getting a job in their chosen career at the new duty station. But, why should they have to choose between the two? They shouldn’t! And thanks to the work of the Military Spouse JD Network, fewer attorneys have to make that choice.

Opening A Business: Lots to Do, Where to Begin?

By Amy Nielsen

Getting down to brass tacks, just exactly how and when do I start this business thing?

How do you open the doors of your business when you don’t have actual doors?

I am planning to teach classes later this winter and will organize my personal mentoring business into a teachable system before I start to look for clients in January – my projected launch date.

Leaving the Military? Take a Paid Vacation First

Guess what? There is a huge retirement benefit out there that I will bet many of you didn’t even know you had.


Careful handling of leave days in the last couple of years before retirement or separation can put you in a position to have paid time off right before you retire. Potentially, months of it.

Upon retirement, every service member is granted what’s called “terminal leave.” Previous to my husband putting in his paperwork late last year, I thought terminal leave was free – meaning it didn’t count against your leave days and was automatically granted.


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