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Decisions, Decisions

Do you find that when it comes time to PCS, it seems like there are no less than a million decisions to be made? I know I do!

Do you or your husband travel ahead while the other stays behind or do you go together?

Do you take the kids out of school to move or wait until the break?

How much stuff do you take in your personally owned vehicle?

Official Studies Can Be Scary, But Reader Beware, Numbers Don’t Tell the Whole Story

I read a terrifying study a few weeks back. It determined that babies born at military hospitals were twice as likely to be injured during delivery.

In my tiny Navy town, this news brought about quite the brouhaha.

PCS Checklist: Unpack, Take the Bar Exam

Elizabeth Jamison has taken the bar exam twice in two different states. And now, she’s preparing to take it again, in a third state. Each time, she has aced it.

Three bar exams? The extra pressure, study time and cost – crazy you say? It’s the life of a dedicated military spouse who is also a dedicated attorney.

Take this to do list and shove it

I got nothing.

Ever go to work, school, extracurricular activities, heck, even visits with friends and think, yep, I am just a giant blob of unproductive exhaustion.

Graduation Day DO’s and DON’Ts

I know a lot of things. 

Seriously. Like, a lot of things. I know how to make lasagna without a recipe, how to tile a bathroom floor and how to be in a tactical aircraft landing without puking. My knowledge is pretty diverse, to be honest.

Quarters Sweet Quarters: Taking a Time Out

So, I’ve had my mandatory meltdown. My negativity and frustration with the entire move process has probably scared away almost every positive friend I have as I retreat into a corner to rock back and forth - but wait.

It’s time for a time-out for mom. And with a snap of my fingers, I took one.

We Have Orders

It’s funny how a simple text message can change … well, everything.
We’ve known for a couple months that we were moving, and even where to, but there’s something about that little official paper that says, ‘Hey, stuff just got real.’

Post it Notes: Here’s how to start (and continue) a good, online class discussion

“Publish or perish!” used to be the lament of academia in the pre-digital age. While the delivery system may be different, students and instructors still make their grades with the written word. As an online student, that means crafting discussion posts that are thoughtful and grammatically correct.

Lose Job Due to PCS? File for Unemployment

During PCS you move away from friends, lose your favorite hair salon and sometimes, have to walk away from a job you love.

The sting cuts deeper because you lose a career you may have loved, as well as the income that comes with it. The Military Officers Association of America reports that military spouses lose six to nine months of income after a PCS move as they search for another job.

The Tough Military Life Equals Happy Memories

Military life is a roller coaster. Most days I can’t imagine our life any other way. I feel so positive about the next 12 years (until retirement) but other days I daydream about a so-called normal life (whatever that may be) and curse the military for all the sacrifices we make.  


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