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Leaving the Military? Take a Paid Vacation First

Guess what? There is a huge retirement benefit out there that I will bet many of you didn’t even know you had.


Careful handling of leave days in the last couple of years before retirement or separation can put you in a position to have paid time off right before you retire. Potentially, months of it.

Upon retirement, every service member is granted what’s called “terminal leave.” Previous to my husband putting in his paperwork late last year, I thought terminal leave was free – meaning it didn’t count against your leave days and was automatically granted.

Fall is Here and So is Holiday Hiring Time

Fall has finally arrived. For job seekers this means much more than enjoying a pumpkin spice latte. It means seasonal jobs are available.

Most big box retailers begin searching for, and hiring, holiday help in September and October. The best part, many of these temporary positions can turn into fulltime jobs for employers who use the holiday season to put forth their best effort and shine.

Hiring Heroes is hosting two major hiring fairs, specifically for military spouses in October. They are:

Oct. 18

Warwick, R.I.

Learning to Mentor

By Amy Nielsen

As I get farther along in my schooling I find that what I have to share as a mentor is pretty open ended and can be tweaked to help me work well with different people.

I don’t want to specialize in a specific disease or condition. I feel that limits the kind of mentoring I can offer. Instead, I want to work with individuals who suffer a wide range of ailments and need a path to follow and hand to hold.

Military Spouses Face Extra Hurdles as Licensed Professionals

When you’re a military spouse who relocates with your service member, you may face some job search challenges. But, when you’re a military spouse who relocates, and is a licensed professional and wants to maintain that license so you can get a new job too, there is a whole different set of challenges.

Since military spouses frequently relocate, they are encouraged to find portable careers.

Taming PMS and PMDD Symptoms

By Christine Cioppa

For some women, premenstrual symptoms get in the way of studies, classes and work. Interpersonal skills seem to get hijacked, making social interaction a risk for strained relations. Fatigue sets in and mood swings are rampant.

New Plan, Now, Forming the Structure

By Amy Nielsen

I have discovered my personal Tabula Rosa, my Rosetta stone, my thesaurus.

Let me explain. I was lucky enough to go to a weekend-long immersion conference for healing arts. While listening to several different teachers, I discovered a way to relate to my specific chronic illness that makes so much sense to me it’s like someone opened a lock. Literally, it feels like a door inside my head opened up. It was just a simple drawing. But it was the key.

Upcoming Military Spouse Only Job Fairs

Your kids are back to school. Isn’t it time for you to head back to work?

Every month the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation hosts job fairs across the nation for military members and spouses. No id card, no entry.

This means employers are there to hire you. They know you will eventually move again. They know you’ve had four addresses in six years. They also know that as a military spouse you have developed strong workplace skills.

And they want you.

Incubating my Business Plan

By Amy Nielsen

I had signed up for this retreat almost eight months ago. In fact, I signed up for it with the intention of using it as a launching pad for the first part of my health and wellness mentoring journey. I was really looking forward to the experience. It centered on a topic dear to my heart, was taught by and shared with some exceptional women in a location I love deeply.

The Grief of Miscarriage

By Christine Cioppa


“Maybe your baby is watching over you now,” consoled a family member.

 I thought I had a reason to be confident about my last pregnancy. A heartbeat, however faint, was picked up at 6.5 weeks. I was elated.

National Companies Hiring Military Spouses

PCS is over. The boxes are unpacked. The kids are on their way to a new school.

You are still searching for a job.

If you have dropped a resume at every local employer you can find, try visiting some lesser known, and some well-known, national companies.

The editors at have comprised a list of national companies that are committed to hiring military spouses. Most of these organizations have locations in every state, cover every field imaginable and need part-time and full-time employees.


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