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Natural Ways to Treat Seasonal Allergies

By Christine Cioppa


There’s a seek and destroy mission going on in millions of Americans’ bodies. The enemy: pollen, grasses and weeds.

The immune system of seasonal allergy sufferers acts as if these allergens are harmful, releasing chemicals that trigger symptoms (itchy eyes, stuffed or runny nose, breathing problems, etc.). The body is actually overreacting to something considered harmless.

Avoid a Career Catastrophe: Don’t Talk Politics at Work

While political debates may be the order of the day everywhere you go during an election year, and while you may be tempted to join in on the conversation, the one place you shouldn’t be a part of the political chatter is at your place of work. Unless of course you are working on a political campaign staff.

The Career Path Less Chosen: Walking that Winding Road

By Amy Nielsen


Last week I talked about a school I found that would fill a gap not only in my education, but that also fits a niche in the greater community where I want to work. I called the school and spoke at length to an admissions counselor.

It was an interesting conversation as I tried to get around the sales jargon and to the real meat of the program and what it can do for me. What I learned is that not only is the school a lot less expensive than I thought (SCORE!), it is exactly what I want to learn all rolled up into one nice neat package.

Six things to do before you separate from the military

There are a lot of bennies to being active-duty military – freebies, discounts and other little benefits, both from the military and civilian sides - that we often we forget about. If you are retiring or separating from the military for other reasons, be sure to do these five things first:


May Job Fairs Coming – Are You Registered?

PCS season is upon us. That means, if you need a job at your new duty station, you need to start looking, now.

If you can manage to travel to one of these job fairs hosted by the U.S. Chamber Foundation, you will be one step ahead.

The foundation hosts job fairs across the United States that are specifically open to only military members, veterans and their spouses.

Employers who attend want to hire these individuals because they know the valuable skillset that being a military member or military family member gives them.

The Career Path Less Traveled: The Winding Road

By Amy Nielsen

Right now I have a projected plan of earning a master’s degree and license in five years. I just happened upon a professional school that has many of the pieces I need to pull together already bundled into one certificate program.

The school is not an institution that would lead to sitting for a license and would be a slightly different tangent to what I had originally planned, but would use my current skills and educational background to better effect. It is also more closely aligned with my ultimate employment goals.

A Good Night Sleep May Keep the Doctor Away

By Christine Cioppa

With all the demands in our day—caring for our families, taking classes, going to work— it’s easy to think, what’s an hour less of sleep? But, people who sleep six hours or less put themselves at risk for accidents and chronic medical conditions.

Job Outlook 2016: Finding the doors that lead to real opportunity

Worried that you may have to hang your cap and gown in mom and dad’s closet after you get your college degree this spring? Don’t be, the job market continues to be on the upswing.

“The job outlook for college grads has been improving every year since 2009 and 2016 appears to be no different,” said Steven Rothberg, president and founder of College Recruiter (

Mentors, Cheerleaders and the Wind beneath your wings: Your Job Search Team

Well, I didn’t get the job I applied for.

They chose the gal who speaks fluent Spanish over me. I would have made the same decision in hiring if I were in the director’s position. We had a lovely chat about my profound over-qualification for the position I had applied for and where I might be able to volunteer with the program over the next few months.

All around, this experience was positive, even if not in the way I had originally planned.

Changes to Tricare Autism Services May Hurt Military Families

By Tiffany Shedd

I have been writing a fair bit about health care and health care reform lately on this blog.  It’s important that we know what’s going on with our benefits and how those changes will affect the care out loved ones receive.


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