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Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

It has finally happened.

My children are settled.

After six military moves in 14 years, they like where we have landed for retirement. And my husband and I are breathing a sigh of relief.

Our last move was a gamble. We had never lived in this state or this part of the country. But we were both offered great jobs – an oddity as most military families know – and we couldn’t pass up the steady paychecks in favor of continuing to search aimlessly, moving from town to town like Goldilocks in search of the perfect fit.

So we went.

Want to Transfer Your Education Benefits to Your Family? Do Your Homework and Do It Now

One of the many things I have learned as a military spouse is to always do my research and be not only an advocate for myself, but for my children as well.

Whether it be a PCS, our medical care, future possible duty stations or pretty much any life altering circumstance for my family, I am constantly reading, asking questions and taking notes. I am very fortunate that my husband values my opinion and takes into consideration what is right for not only his career but our family as well.

Our Favorite Website: Military One Source, FREE Tax Help

Tax season, ugh. Free stuff, good!

Now, you can have free stuff, during tax season.

Military OneSource offers free tax preparation for active duty military members, recent retirees and several other categories of qualified, military-related individuals.

No Resolutions This Year, Just Good Intentions

By Tiffany Shed

If you are like me, you are slowly dragging yourself into the new year. The tree has been taken down. The ornaments and decorations all packed away. You’re looking around for places to put all the new toys and gadgets your family accumulated over the last few weeks.

Tax Time! Here’s What Military Families Need To Know

By Jan Wesner Childs

It’s that time of year again when all Americans, military or civilian, have one often-dreaded chore in common: Filing federal income taxes.

Active-duty military W-2 forms are due to be available Jan. 24 on myPay, the DOD’s online, automated pay system. While taxes aren’t due until April 15 (and in some cases later for those deployed or serving outside the United States), the sooner you file, the sooner you’ll get any refund coming to you – often in less than two weeks if you file electronically.

Military Housing: Home-Based Sales Central

I cheated on my Advocare lady.

There, I said it.

I needed a product. This other Advocare guy works with my husband and could have it to me that afternoon. No shipping. No waiting. Immediate gratification.

And not to mention, there are Advocare ladies everywhere. And Scentsy. And Pampered Chef. And everything else you attend a party to purchase.

Anyone else feeling just a little overwhelmed by the amount of catalog party invitations they receive in their Facebook inbox?

Will Daddy Be Home for Dinner? Growing Pains of Life After Deployment

My girls inevitably end up in bed with me sometime after 3 a.m.  I am never sure when, other than I’m sometimes semi-ruffled by a 3-year-old grabbing an edge of my fleece blanket.

But by the time my alarm goes off, and the sun peeks in the windows, we always wake up together.

Job Fairs for Military Spouses in February

Feeling the winter blues set in as you continue your job search? Shake it off by rejuvenating your interview skills at a job fair.

Check out the schedule below from Hiring Our Heroes, an organization that helps pair military members and spouses with employers. Job fairs are held all year and attendees need to register early. To see the entire list for 2015 visit,

Me, Myself and I No Longer: The Friend Search at a New Duty Station

By Tiffany Shedd

The worst part about moving every three years, for me personally, has been making new friends.

Disney, Europe, Hawaii, Everywhere! Use Those Military Discounts

2015 may be the year of the mouse for you. Or, it may be the year of the Grand Canyon. Or New York City. Or Germany. Or heck, it may be time to finally drive down the street and see what that little mom and pop- run, county history museum really is.

 Get out. See. Do.

But when you go, don’t forget to use your military discounts.

Military families travel a lot. We are adventurous. We are willing to spend the money and do the outrageous. The travel industry knows this and the love us for it.

They are also willing to reward us.


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