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Volunteers Work, Because They Love

For the last year, I have volunteered for two different military organizations. Years ago, before I had my family, I did not volunteer because I didn’t think I had the time. Long days in the office and commuting were exhausting and I wanted to relax on my days off.

School Fundraisers Have Begun. Should you Sell to Your Co-workers?

It's back to school time and everybody's kids are selling something. From school, to sports, to service organizations, the fundraisers are plentiful. But should you be selling things at work if you want to move up in the company? If you do sell, when is enough, enough? And when can your pedaling of fundraiser goods be potentially damaging to your professional image? 

Anonymous Bullies

It’s pretty well-known that my life is up for public consumption on my blog. If I have a thought, even an unpopular one, as they may be, my name is attached to it. There’s no doubt. But that’s not always the case.

Websites We Love: Back To School Humor

Welcome back! We know it’s the first day of school and you may have the jitters, you may be nervous or you may have the utmost confidence. In any case, your day just became a lot busier.

Now begins the months of finishing dinner, your homework, your kids’ homework and all their afterschool activities in the same three-hour span – every single night. Now begins the late nights when your homework didn’t quite get finished.

Where is the best place to buy my book?

I’ve been Googling school supplies lately, the internets have deemed all of their “suggestions” for me be scholarly in nature. One of the recent suggestions was an app called “Titto”, which is supposed to be an alternative to purchasing or renting books through, say, Amazon or Chegg.

Tis the Season

This was a busy PCS year across most of the services. Thousands of families moved. Thousands of spouses left jobs they loved behind.

Now, the search begins. But finding a job in a new town can be daunting, and, take a very long time. Our family has heard from friends around the country, both veteran and civilian, who are still out of work after six months of plastering their resume around town.

And for many, the future looks bleak.

Hopefully, the impending holiday seasons can help turn things around for many of us.

Sweat Like a Mother

“Find something you love to do, and you'll never work a day in your life.”

This is a quote that military spouse and entrepreneur, Alexa Smith, the founder of Stroller Strong Moms, LLC, in Columbus, GA and Savannah, GA, has taken to heart. This mother of three is a proud Army wife to her husband, Tony, and a current resident of Savannah, GA. 

Toughest PCS Ever?

We're MovingEach year, some 300,000 service members and their families PCS from one duty station to another. We’ve all done it, some more than others. And after a few times of prepping all your stuff to be packed, dutifully watching the movers box it up and load the truck, and then watching that truck drive away with your precious belongings, you think you’ve got it down.

Consider finding a foster family for your pet during deployment

Ted was anxious about moving away from home.

Granted, he was only going three hours away, but he had never known anything but his house, his bed and his mother, whom he lived with.

But the day had come, and off he went - his bed, dishes, prized toys and a picture of his mom and him in tow.

Plus, four, 50-pound bags of kibble and two giant trash-cans on wheels to hold it.

Ted clearly wasn’t going to starve.

But the beloved mutt’s life was going to be different. His owner, a sailor in the U.S. Navy, had set off on a long deployment.

With No War, Who Will Care?

It’s happening.

Several years ago as the drawdown of American forces in Iraq became a reality, large non-profits began discussing the inevitable turn of public attention that would come with it. With no troops deployed to high profile locations, the donations, they feared, would dry up.


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