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We Are Thankful: Have Corn Pudding, Will Travel

My husband has spent many a Thanksgiving underwater.

Being a submariner, duty doesn’t stop for holidays.  So he’s deployed for so many turkey days – eating government issued stuffing and cranberry sauce with his fellow shipmates – that I often lose count.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday; I love food, and I love my family.

I have a series of rather sad photos, commemorating our Thanksgivings, most of which he is missing in.

And, sure, it’s sad.

We Are Thankful: Every Thanksgiving is the Best Thanksgiving Ever

During our past 26 years as a military family, we have learned that after all the ‘firsts’ - the first Thanksgiving of our marriage, the first one with one child, the first one with two children, the first return from deployment, the best Thanksgiving ever is always the one right in front of us.

We Are Thankful: A Sugar Glider Holiday

I can’t say for certain when we all actually first noticed it, but I’m pretty sure it was around the time we’d all really gotten into eating our side dishes.

At least, that’s when I noticed it. I remember reaching for the salt, and stopped with my hand mid-air. The salt was forgotten the moment I realized that my best friend’s cousin (we’ll call her BFC) was feeding teeny bits of her Thanksgiving dinner to a tiny, furry face in her cleavage.

We are Thankful: A Week of Essays from Military Spouses as they Remember Their Favorite Holidays, Celebrated Military Style

My most memorable Thanksgiving as a military spouse actually happened the day before Thanksgiving.

The day my husband returned home from his very first 12-month deployment was also his birthday. I had cleaned the house, I had washed the dog and I had primped and coiffed. My then 2-year-old was excited though she wasn’t quite sure why.

I had planned my Thanksgiving menu. My returning soldier is also a huge cook, so I allowed for variations once he returned. I had even hoarded away some special ‘fun cash’ to present to him for his extra grocery shopping pleasure.

I Can Tell You How to Get to Sesame Street

The muppets of Sesame Street have been long-time supporters of military families.

They’ve created several videos to help children deal with deployment, PTSD and battlefield injuries. They’ve toured military bases around the world every year to give kids a free, fun-filled afternoon with all those furry monsters.

Now, the Muppets are here for military families, 24-7, through a new website and set of apps launched this week.

December Spouse Hiring Fairs Limited

If you want to attend a military spouse only hiring fair in December, you may be out of luck.

The popular hiring fairs are held around the country and sponsored by the U.S. Chamber Foundation. The employers who attend are there to hire military spouses because they recognize the assets these men and women can bring to their companies.

In December, there are only three events, nationwide: in San Antonio, Miami and through a virtual hiring fair.

Baby Arrives, Daddy Deploys

They tell you labor gets easier and shorter.

Well, I had a 10-hour labor with my first child, a four-hour labor with my second, and a 48-hour labor with my third.

It was long, painful and shocking. My son was born at home after almost two days of labor.  He came into the world face-up, with both arms by his head, weighing nine pounds and a full inch longer than both his older sisters.

He also was born hours before his father deployed.

It was the biggest shocker about his birth entirely.

Franchise Ownership: A Three-Part Series Want to Own a Franchise? You Need a Plan!

A franchise is an established, proven business. Can you just do what the national chain tells you to do? Should I develop my own business plan?

Yes! This is your business, you run it!  

In fact, you need a great business plan. Doing all the working up front means planning for your success.

“Owning a franchise reduces your risk, but it doesn’t eliminate it,” said Scott Lehr, who has been with International Franchise Association for 25 years.

Here are three reasons why you should start writing your business plan now:

10 Minutes of Yoga a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

By Christine Cioppa

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Now new research shows that regularly performing mind-body relaxation techniques (e.g., yoga, meditation, prayer) may also keep your physician away.

The study, published by PLOS, shows that patients who received mind-body training to build resilience and counter stress, were 43 percent less likely to need health care services.

Discounts for Veterans

Happy Veterans' Day!

The nation is proud to honor the service and sacrifice our veterans have made and businesses in every state and town are happy to offer discounts and freebies to you today.

If you Google the phrase "veteran discounts" there are thousands of sites listed.

Here are a few of our favorites for you to look over and decide how you are going to enjoy a day that is all about honoring you!


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