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Military Spouse Designs Land on Tori Spelling’s “Must Have” list

By Lisa Kain

Military Spouse Job Fairs in November

Christmas is coming, which means some employers will be hiring extra staff to manage larger crowds and demand during the holiday season. Even if seasonal employment is not your ultimate goal, those part-time jobs can be turned into a permanent gig by employees with great attitude and work ethics.

To kick off your holiday-time job search, check out these upcoming, spouse and military-focused hiring fairs. Remember to register as soon as you decide to attend. Some fairs limit the amount of attendees and do not allow walk-ins.

Nov. 1

EFMP: The Good, The Bad, The Lengthy Wait

By Tiffany Shedd

No one ever wants to find out that they or one of their family members has a health problem. But once you know, if you’re like me, you probably go through a process of dealing with that information.

Military Myth Busters

There’s a lot of unbelievable things that we witness as military wives, but sometimes the things we hear are just the stuff of modern fairy tales. Staff writer Sandra Moyer is here to dust the darkness off those closely held, widely believed rumors in our new monthly column, military myth busters.

To Love, And Cherish and Keep My Own Name!

When my children complain that they do not have their own rooms, I tell them I had my own room for exactly one year.

As a child, I shared with siblings. In college, I shared with roommates. And when I finally moved overseas for my job, then and only then did I have my own sweet, sanctuary of space. My very own room. And then I met my husband.

Exhausted, but Marching On

Amazing how a couple weeks can go by and I can go from the highest of highs and then quickly fall flat on my face.

A month into our new, packed schedule and I feel like I may have bitten off more than I can chew. It doesn’t help that this is a very busy time of year for my husband. But in this lifestyle when isn’t it?

Websites We Love:

Many adult students remember checking the board in the guidance counselor's office for scholarship opportunities or reading about them in the local paper. The process was slower, kinder, gentler.

But today, those opportunities will fly past you and possibly smack you in the face as they truck on by if you are not careful. There are thousands of scholarships available for students and now the competition isn't just local. It is nationwide and it is fierce.

Want to Apply for a VA Home Loan? Get Your Documents in Order

By Mandy Rebmann

What’s in a Name?

Maiden name? Married name? Some combination thereof? Which one should you use professionally, especially if you marry after you’ve established your career ... and your name isn't Beyoncé.

When you hear 'Beyoncé', you know exactly who she is, no last name needed. Her husband, Jay-Z, is also known by only one name, and that name isn't even his birth name or a ‘real’ name. But when the two tied the knot, they both legally changed their last names to Knowles-Carter, paying homage to both sides of the family.

Blessed To Be So Weary

I have these down-in-the-dumps moments when my husband is deployed, and I’m playing the single-parent game.

It’s so hard. I’m tired. I don’t get a break. It’s lonely. I’m never alone.

I just want to pee/eat/shower/read a book without the constant “Mama! Mama!” and grabby little hands every few seconds.


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