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So your professor gave you an unfair grade, now what?

Once upon a time, at a college far, far away, a sophomore princess was learning the finer points of line and color in artistic works. Okay, so the princess was just me, and I was taking Art Appreciation 110. But the sophomore part is totally true.

The Awfulness and Awesomeness of Working from Home

Is working from home the cushiest gig ever, or the most difficult one? 

Seasoned teleworkers would say: both! Here are three ways it can become awful if not managed properly and four ways to enjoy its awesomeness if it is.

First, teleworkers save a lot of time by not commuting. But, what starts off as extra free time, can easily turn into extended work hours when you aren’t clock-watching as closely as you would if you had leave your work site to race home to meet other obligations on time. 

Teen Angst and On the Job Troubles, One in the Same?

I have a pre-teen. And the attitude is beginning to appear.

Why? I don’t want to. I don’t have to. Whatever.

All the typical teen vernacular is tumbling out as well.  

‘Why do I have to?’ is the most frequent. Why do I have to do with the coach says, what the teacher says, what anyone says?

So I thought about it.

And decided there are five things you will learn in high school that absolutely stay the same on the job. And this is why you have to.

You vs. Me = A Loss for Us Both

I would like to consider myself a seasoned military spouse by now.  After eight years of Marine Corps life, more than eight moves, two babies born in two different states and re-establishing myself over and over again (you get the drill), I feel pretty confident in navigating around this crazy military life (not that I need to list it all out, we all know what its like!).

Job Fairs for April

It must be spring because there are job fairs happening all across the county, every single week! Every single job fair on the list below is open only to military spouses and military members.

Take advantage of the good weather (finally!) and the renewal in your step to put your best foot forward and find the perfect job.

Remember to dress as if you are headed to an interview, brings lots of copies of your resume and click on the link and register!! Many of these job fairs do not accept walk-ins or day of registrations.

April 7

Norman, OK

Deployment, Week One: Sink or Swim

It was a few days into this deployment, and I was feeling pretty good.

We were tired, for sure.  A 3 a.m. drop-off on a dark boat dock isn’t exactly refreshing.

And my kids were sad that Daddy was gone, as was I.

But we were all fed and clothed and dressed.  We even made soccer practice on time that week.

And then, late on a Friday afternoon, I opened my garage door to throw in another load of laundry and found myself standing in several inches of water.

Ten Ways to Help A Grieving Spouse

By Jan Wesner Childs

During my husband’s worst deployment, in the midst of the surge in Iraq in 2007, I dreamed over and over that he had died. I had visions of what I would do if that happened, how I would react and how I would grieve.

Get Up, Be Happy

There’s a lot about military life that makes it hard to be happy.

We move. Our friends move. Our friends die. Our husbands (or wives) are gone, a lot. Our new house on base is too small. Our new house on base is too far. Our old base had a better commissary. It was closer to our family.

The list can go on and on.

And for many of us, while we’re wallowing in that moment of self-pity, tend to loathe the happy military spouse who breezes by, without seemingly a care in the world. What’s she have to be so happy about that you didn’t get?

Rejection Letters from Potential Employers: Part of the Job Finding Process, Unfortunately

Things have been a little quiet in my blogging life.  After spurts of motivation to get back into the real, working world, I finally found a position to apply for that matched my education and experience. 

Guest Post: My Journey

Editor’s Note: Today we want to introduce you to Heidi Holloway, a Navy wife with an inspiring story of determination and success. Enjoy!


I have lost over 50 pounds. I went from being an exhausted, overweight mom who was tired just chasing toddlers, to being a personal trainer. Over the past year, since sharing some progress pictures, and becoming a personal trainer, I have had many people ask me how I did it. And, could I please help them do the same.


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