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Consider finding a foster family for your pet during deployment

Ted was anxious about moving away from home.

Granted, he was only going three hours away, but he had never known anything but his house, his bed and his mother, whom he lived with.

But the day had come, and off he went - his bed, dishes, prized toys and a picture of his mom and him in tow.

Plus, four, 50-pound bags of kibble and two giant trash-cans on wheels to hold it.

Ted clearly wasn’t going to starve.

But the beloved mutt’s life was going to be different. His owner, a sailor in the U.S. Navy, had set off on a long deployment.

With No War, Who Will Care?

It’s happening.

Several years ago as the drawdown of American forces in Iraq became a reality, large non-profits began discussing the inevitable turn of public attention that would come with it. With no troops deployed to high profile locations, the donations, they feared, would dry up.

New to EFMP? So is Tiffany and her family. Join Her on Her Journey

By Tiffany Shedd

After I earned my graduate degree in 2004, my thoughts were on finding a job or getting into a Ph.D. program. Little did I know, I was only a few days away from meeting my future husband and having my world, and my idea of home, completely rocked. Ten years later, we’ve crisscrossed the country as we PCSed from Fort Campbell, KY to Fort Wainwright, AK and back to the east coast to Fort Bragg, NC.

Change Is Good For the Soul?

So here we are again, and it’s time to say, ‘See you later,’ to another blog. My sweet readers, you have become some of my closest friends over the last couple of years. You have seen me through some of my best and worst times and I have been happy to share those times with you. I am a firm believer in that we are stronger together than we are apart.

She Posted What?

I don’t know anyone who owns a map. 

Heck, I’m starting to think I don’t know anyone who owns a GPS that isn’t embedded in their car or their cell phone.

Back to School – One Army Wife’s Story

Editor’s Note: Salute to Spouses’ writer Samantha Carroll graduated college once - and went back years later to earn a second degree in nursing. Her return to campus was exhausting, thrilling and worth every moment. Please enjoy her personal story about going back to school and starting a brand new career.

Study what you love, but...

My son is only in sixth grade, but he’s deeply embroiled in the “what to do when I grow up” debate. It’s no surprise to us that the boy who devours biographies of world leaders, prefers History Channel documentaries to cartoons and owns thousands of historically accurate tin soldiers is leaning toward studying military history or archeology.

Help and Ask for Help!

One thing I have continuously been working at as a military spouse has been asking for help. Since I have had children, I have had to own that fact that I cannot do it all. And sometimes, it’s ok to ask for help.

Move Out. Adjust. Draw Fire

So I got a job. I am the digital media specialist for a local sportswear company. It sounds really fancy, doesn't it?

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Oh, I can smell them in the air – freshly sharpened pencils, paper just out of the package, fresh-cut hair on the kiddos. Yes, it’s back to school.


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