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Beautiful Boxes, Not the PCS Kind

It’s hip to be square these days. The market has exploded with monthly box deliveries of ready to make meals, dog treats and baby toys, a blessing for military families overseas whose shopping choices may be limited.

Mark one more item off your shopping list: beauty supplies. Glamorous, big name brands such as Sephora will deliver the monthly box of goodies to your door, but so will Walmart and Target. Most will deliver to overseas APO and FPO addresses.

Hiring Fairs in July

Summer is one of the worst times of year to look for a job.

That is, according to experts at,  a website dedicated to job searching. According to experts there, there is a drop in hiring during the summer months because staff vacations hinder recruiting efforts.

Lucky for you, you're a military spouse. And the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation is holding hiring fairs across the country all summer long to help you find employment.

Study Shows Unemployed Military Spouses Hurt National Economy

Last month the non-profit group, Blue Star Families, released the results of a study that show unemployment, and underemployment, of military spouses is costing the U.S. economy nearly $1 billion each year.

Cut the Expense of Summer Fun, Visit the MWR Office

Traveling this summer for PCS or vacation? It's worth a stop at your closest MWR facility and a call to your vacation destination. A military discount is not always what it seems.

Last month, we headed to Clearwater, Fla., to visit the dolphins, Winter and Hope of movie fame, Dolphin Tale.

Our home MWR office said they didn't sell discount tickets, but, not to worry, a military discount was offered at the gate.  

It sure was - to active duty only. My husband is a retiree.

Homeschool for Kids, and Mom, Makes Life Better

By Amy Nielsen

We woke up this morning to see Papa off to work early for a change so no breakfast games at our house. He works a second shift job and has morning duties with our daughters so I can finish my school work. This usually means he makes breakfast, packs lunch, and sorts out what stuff we need for our lessons. We homeschool and at this time of year, school is usually at a local playground or library.

Retirement Looms, But I am a Spouse for Life

Slowly, over the past few months, I have begun to pull away from my military life.

I’ve volunteered less, stopped being one of the first to step up and offer help, and my usual quick responses to spouse-related emails have gotten fewer and farther between.

Now, with less than three months left before we leave Germany and go on terminal leave until retirement, I find myself latching on to those last few military events I will get to attend.

Seven Success Strategies for Week One at Work

Caught up in the whirlwind of moving again? Don't let the months and months of PCS madness distract you from making a great impression during the first week of work.

How Does the Military Fit Into My New Business Plan?

By Amy Nielsen

My school gave us the week off. Probably because they are pretty sure no one is actually going to complete a module this as it is the first, unofficial vacation week of the summer.

Concentration Problems? There’s a drink for that.

By Christine Cioppa

Having a hard time concentrating? Feeling like coursework is tougher than normal? You may need more water.

Clinton Campaign Announces Plans to Assist Military Families

Yesterday Hillary Clinton’s campaign reached out to military members and their spouses, outlining the changes she would implement to help make military family life easier.

The Military Times reported that Clinton’s campaign released a 23-point “Military Families Agenda”.

According to the Military Times, the document addresses:


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