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The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

The babysitter cancelled. So the two toddlers headed to work to me, which today was at a school out on an island, across a long bridge and very far from much of anything.

We were locked out of the building, the wind was whipping, papers were blowing. Toddler number one had to pee. Toddler number two blew out her diaper, bad. Toddler number one peed her pants.

The event ran late - two hours late. The toddlers screamed, cried, ranted, raved.

Deployment to do list: more than powers of attorney and tax documents

The deployment checklist is a real thing.

Of course, there’s many things we do before my husband deploys that one would expect. Practical stuff any military command would hope you do, like powers of attorney and getting our taxes filed.

But then there’s the things that you won’t find on any official list.

The things like, “Buy new undershirts and socks,” or “stock freezer with easy-to-defrost-and-reheat frozen meals.”

Cool Jobs: Personal Trainer

Anyone who has been stationed near Pearl Harbor has at least heard the name Dumbell Fitness. These ladies spend their days not just exercising but cheering each other on as they work toward their fitness goals. Navy spouse, Heidi Holloway, is one of the instructors and doesn’t just spend her days running dozens of miles next to clients because it pays the bills, she does it because she loves to help them succeed.

Here is more from Heidi about her cool job:

Heidi Holloway, Navy Wife

Job title: Personal and group trainer, and health coach.

Rates Matter! How Much of a Mortgage Can You Afford?

By Amanda Rebmann

I’ve written several articles about the VA Mortgage, an area I have a good knowledge base in from having worked in the mortgage industry for almost 15 years.  I’ve originated mortgages and serviced them, which gives me a comprehensive appreciation for what will be for most people, their biggest monetary investment.  However, I’ve never been on the other side- the one getting the loan- until now.

Snow Day at School? Don’t Expect it at Work

Lauren Gaughan, 32, spent a frigid winter very pregnant in Maine, while her husband worked in the Navy shipyard there.

She worked in a pharmacy, with lots of steady and overtime hours to keep herself busy at the end of her pregnancy.

The native Arizonian, who had previously lived in sunny San Diego before Maine, was not so accustomed to the snow, sleet and blustery temperatures.

Getting to the pharmacy before it opened to a line of waiting clients had a learning curve, for sure, Gaughan said.

Your Job Is What You Make it

I need to take a moment to brag about my longtime friend, and fellow military spouse, Bonnie.

When her husband left the Marines more than five years ago, he was welcomed into the civilian world with repeated "no's" at interviews and job prospects that could never pay the bills for their young family of six.

Stay! Go? Stop! Move? That’s the Military Life!

The last few months I have struggled with my topics to blog about. Our life felt a little boring. A little, dare I say, normal!

We were busy, but we had a routine. We knew what to expect with my husband’s job and the boys and I had our routine and looked forward to our weekends with Dad around. I felt a little guilty writing about military life because I had the guilt that my husband was training Marines to deploy but wasn’t the one doing that.  With our latest news, our life is about to get flipped upside down.

Websites we love: 40 Bags in 40 Days

The season of Lent begins today, a time when Christians focus on simple living in the 40 days before Easter. Often, many people give up a perk or something they enjoy during this time to help focus on their religious studies.

Whether you practice Lent or not, the website 40 Bags in 40 Days is an awesome idea. It is tied to the idea of Lent and literally cleaning out your house and giving away everything you no longer need.

Mommies and Non-mommies: Bridging the Gaps of Friendship

I’ve made a new friend.

She’s married to a fellow sailor serving with my husband.  They just had their wedding. They’re trying to have kids.

Our husbands were positively giddy to get us together.

So, I made my best chicken parmesan, and they came over, and everything was nice.  She was sweet and kind and she definitely expressed interest in keeping me company during the upcoming deployment.

Legislators want the DOD to release names of sex offenders, and so should you

Currently, if a service member is a convicted sex offender, no one outside the courtroom has to know about it.

They don’t register with local authorities, as civilian offenders are required to do or face penalty. They do not show up on those handy internet searches that tell parents where the closest offenders live. And when they leave the service, it is easy for them to simply disappear into civilian life – and attack again.


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