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I believe in the brave deployment face.

Smiles.  Grin and bare it.  Just keep plugging.

It’s not so bad, I tell people.

And then I attend a wedding.

I really love weddings.

Except when I attend them alone, my husband deployed underwater like he invariably is.

People don’t know what to do with me at weddings.

I get a lot of looks of pity, especially if my children are with me.  When the unavoidable couples dance comes up, I get foisted off onto some table of widowed grandmothers, who pat my hand and tell me it’s all right. 

The Medication Shuffle - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

By Tiffany Shedd

Spring has sprung. Flowers are blooming everywhere. The air is filled with the sound of mowers, and, the dreaded pollen. It’s time of new beginnings. But what about those new beginnings you started way back in the dark, cold days of January? Those New Year’s resolutions? How are those going? I, for one, will admit it. We have experienced some setbacks.

So, You Want to Change Your Major - Now What?

Once upon a time, a pretty princess really liked to read and write. She liked to write so much that she took every reading and writing college course in the kingdom. In return for all her hard work, the princess was given a degree in English. And she was happy.

That is, she was happy until she remembered that she lives in the Washington, D.C. Metro area, and a degree in English made her about as marketable as a muddy puppy in an Ikea showroom.

So if you haven’t figured it out, I’m changing my major.

Do You Need Strong Communication Skills in Every Profession?


Strong communication skills are a must for every professional. Regardless of your career field or what stage you are in, don’t overlook the value of the written or spoken word. Here’s what employers say about communication skills with regard to getting the job, being successful on the job and advancing in your career.

Getting the Job

Volunteer Work is Work Experience

You have organized the unit mandatory fun day and the spouses’ luncheons.

You have worked with dozens of Cub Scouts every week for an exhausting year.

You have taught Vacation Bible School, handled the finances for the FRG and took notes during the PTA meetings.

You have put in hundreds of volunteer hours over the years. Now, do yourself a favor. Put all that experience on paper. It can help you find a job.

When my husband’s orders took us overseas, I was excited at the prospect of finding a new job. New challenges. New co-workers to meet. New experiences.

Tax Refunds - This is Not A Bonus Check

By Amanda Rebmann

April 15th.  Tax deadline day.  Every year we account for our earnings over the past year and to ensure both the federal and state governments have collected the amounts granted them by law (thanks 16th Amendment!) 

Remember- we are a country founded by rather wealthy men who objected to taxation.  Times have certainly changed, and I do NOT advocate going to your local IRS with a bucket of tar and a bag of feathers.  The old adage is true: death and taxes are certain.

Upcoming Job Fairs for Military Spouses

Already on the PCS move? Need a job? You might be able to drop in on a hiring fair at your new duty station or even on the road to your new home!

The U.S Chamber of Commerce Foundation is hosting Hiring Fairs all month with Hiring Our Heroes, an organization committed to helping military members and their spouses find jobs.

Check out this month’s list below. Be sure to click on the link and register. Slots fill up quickly and there are no walk-ins allowed.

When you go, be sure to dress for success and bring a stack of copies of your resume and a smile.

Grammar - Going Back to School? You Need to Get it Right!

Recently, an editing client I work with called something to my attention. He is writing his thesis for his master’s degree, and … well, really it was his terrible misuse of common words that got me thinking.

Military Spouses: Score a Nonprofit Job Now!

Military spouses, did you know the good news that you don’t have to choose between your passion for helping charitable organizations and collecting a paycheck?

In the 2015 Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey, nonprofits report a continued trend of increasing their staff size. Half of the 362 respondents anticipate creating new positions and one-third of them reported they might create new ones.

Congress Won't Care Until You Do

Congress is currently reviewing a bill that will ease the financial burden for PCSing spouses who have to transfer their professional licenses from state to state.

That means when a spouse studies and works for two years to finally earn her professional license, only to receive PCS orders a week later, all the money she shelled out, and will now have to pay again in the next state, she can apply as a tax credit for that year (up to$500).

Sounds great, right?

It's likely to never happen.


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