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Military Spouse Motivation, Civilians Just Can't Match It

We were in our new house for just a week when my civilian neighbor irritated the you know what out of me.

She sent her children over, a teenager and a four-year-old, to ask to borrow a can of spaghetti sauce.

We live within walking distance of a really nice grocery store.

But you know, she had just gotten off of work.

And she didn't feel like going.

Her husband was due home any minute.

So, she sent her children marching across the street to us.

PCSing? Make Sure Your EFMP is Cleared to Travel

By Tiffany Shedd

One of the first things I had to do as a brand new Army wife was get paperwork (quickly) for an overseas assignment. My husband had been assigned to Fort Wainwright, AK, which while technically is still the US; it really is like a foreign country.

Websites we love:

It’s PCS time. The movers are here. You are still weeding through a pile of stuff in the middle of your garage floor. No time for a yard sale. But you don’t want to throw it all away either.

Can’t someone just come haul it off?

In fact, they can.

The website,, allows users to post their unwanted goods so that other people who need those items can come and take them.

Clutter-Free, If Just for a Moment

When my husband is home, I have all sorts of time for things I enjoy.

Like organization.  Color-coding.  Labeling things.

It’s a sickness, really.

Making lists and checking them twice.  Compartmentalizing everything.

My kids’ toys.  Clothing.  Arts and crafts supplies.  Papers and files and office necessities.

None of it is safe.

During his time at home, we always spend time working on re-organizing a lot of things in our lives.

A Tale of Two Moves: Part 2

Last month we profiled two military wives and their cross-country and international moves. They may have mastered the logistics of these giant moves, but when they arrived at their new duty stations, there was still more to do before they could relax and unpack.

Here is quick look at their must do list as soon as you arrive at your new duty station.


Transfer your Tricare to your new region about a week before you move.

Gun Violence, When Will We Stop It?

A poignant post on Twitter today:

USA Fill in the blank daily news report:

A  __­­______ entered a _______ and opened fire with a ______. __________ people were killed. Pray

for ___________.

Before yesterday’s attacks at a movie theater in Louisiana there were 203 mass shootings in the United States. Since Jan. 1.

In 2013, there was a shooting in which more than one person was injured or killed every. Single. Day.

We will leave flowers. We will gather by candlelight. We will shake our heads in disgust.

Military Spouse Job Fairs in August

The kids will be heading back to school and you may be looking to fill those day time hours. Start your job search at a military spouse job fair.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation hosts fairs around the nation that are open only to military members and their spouses. The fairs host employers who not only are willing to hire military families but who specifically seek out the unique skill sets and experience that military spouses bring.

Military Discounts Can Save You, Especially During PCS

By Mandy Rebmann

The U.S. military used to be a lot bigger.  A period of military service was once a reality for many young men, even celebrities (Think about Elvis being in the military. Elvis!).

Want Employers to Look Past Your Baby Bump? Show Them You Are the Best

Ashli Teeman was 35 weeks pregnant when she applied to work for a child and youth program at the NSB Kings Bay Child Development Center in Georgia.

While she didn’t have any teaching experience, she had a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, and she got the position.

She was required to do a routine drug test, but she went into labor before she could take it, and she was still in the hospital when the test was scheduled.

No Words

There are no words.

What could we possibly say to comfort you? To give you peace? To make this right.

There are no words.

When we send our service members overseas to fight, we internally prepare ourselves for the worst.

When we receive stateside orders, that placement is our safe time. Our break from the risks of war.

To lose a spouse, father, son, friend in war is heartbreaking.

To lose them here at home, to a wartime act, where we expect to be safe, where life is supposed to be ok, that, is agonizing.


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