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The Merriest of Holiday Seasons to our Military Families Everywhere

This is our first Christmas as a retired family. And now that we live far from base, as the only military family around, I am struck by how profoundly I miss and appreciate our military brethren.

I miss, believe it or not, the unit Christmas parties where everyone would finally let down their guard, walk away from their desk and actually sit and relax, if for just a minute.

We're Better Than This

Right after Thanksgiving, the story broke.

Women officers were filmed in submarine showers without their consent, and the videos were distributed.  In Kings Bay, Ga.

We live there.  My husband is a submariner.  While that story didn’t personally affect my husband or the submarine he’s stationed on, it hit all too close to home.

Our community was, understandably, up in arms.  And, less understandably, at each other’s throats.

The message boards lit up.  Facebook statuses were ablaze.  People were all over the Internet and whispering behind hands.

Gift-giving and holiday merriment on base: Dos and Donts

Marna Ashburn remembers a Christmas party years ago where she and her soldier husband brought a bottle of wine.

And the hosts gave it right back to them.

They didn’t drink alcohol, Ashburn, author of “64 Easy Answers About Etiquette for the Modern Military Spouse,” said.

Vacation, in the Nick of Time!

We are preparing for our first real family vacation, a trip that is not traveling for a holiday to see family for once. And boy, it couldn’t come at a better time.

We just got word that my husband will be going to a four-month school in Virginia, about five hours away, starting shortly after the New Year. Some much needed family time away is exactly what we need!

Job References 101

Like it or not, obtaining excellent references are an essential part of your job search.

"In addition to your own ability to sell your skills and qualifications you also need qualified people who are willing to support your candidacy," said Marcia Robinson, a senior professional in human resources.

Shop Local, Buy From Military Spouses

This holiday season, shop local.

And by that, I mean support military spouse small business owners. The best part is, that makes the entire world local.

EFMP Families, Need a List of Services Available in All 50 States? Check Here First!

By Tiffany Shedd

My family has recently reached several milestones. It has been over a year since my son has had a seizure. And soon after, he turned two and began transitioning into a toddler. With both of these has come a lot of changes in our day to day routines.

We weaned him off one of his two medications. We are starting to discuss coming off the last medication as well. And as any parent of a toddler will tell you, this transition can be drastic.

Websites We Love: Official NORAD Santa Tracker

While many military members are on a limited holiday schedule, the folks at NORAD are hard at work, tracking Santa and his eight tiny reindeer.

The tradition began more than 50 years ago when a newspaper advertisement for Sears Roebuck & Co. in Colorado misprinted the telephone number for children to call Santa. The tots dialed the phone expecting the jolly old elf to answer and instead, they reached the CONAD Commander-in-chief’s operations line.

When You PCS, What Did You Leave Behind?

These past few months I’ve been investing quite a bit in a local non-profit I work for.

Lots of time. Lots of effort. Lots of printer ink and paper.

I am so proud of how large and successful we have become and how many families we have helped affect.

I feel we make an important the difference.

Save One Bullet for Yourself and One for the Dog

Military Spouse Pens Book Detailing the Horrors of Pearl Harbor Day, as experienced by the military families who lived there that day.

When Japanese fighter planes flew over his Ford Island, Hawaii, home on Dec. 7, 1941, en route to bomb Pearl Harbor, one little boy was in the backyard tending to his rabbits. He ran inside to tell his mother.


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