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Starbucks Keeps its Promise: 6,500 Veterans and Spouses Hired

Have you noticed on your last coffee run that many of the Starbucks employees have an American flag on their apron?

Below their neatly embroidered name there is also a designation: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Spouse.

To date, there are more than 6,000 Starbucks employees nationwide who are also veterans and military spouses. However, new aprons are not the only perk the company has given military families.

Job Fairs in June

When you pack your suitcase for your upcoming PCS, don’t forget to pack your best business attire. Hiring Our Heroes is hosting job fairs across the nation this summer and are specifically looking for military spouses like you!

These job fairs are different because the employers who are there already know you are a military spouse. They already know you will have three different addresses in four years. They already know you will probably leave them in two to three years.

And that, is ok.

They also know that you are talented, tested and worthy.

The first week of school, so far so good!

By Amy Neilsen


It is the first week of school. I have a new learning format and website to navigate, a new app to load onto my phone, and I have to figure out where to buy headphones that don’t dig into my scalp. I also need a better journal and a real notebook.

Military Family Survey Does Matter

Have something important you want to tell the three-star general?

Maybe something along the lines of how benefit cuts are hurting your family?

Don't ring his doorbell, take the annual survey sponsored by Blue Star Families.

This is more than a random survey, this is one of the documents that the general, as well as DOD policy makers and politicians use to decide how funds will be allocated and what programs will be kept or cut.

Leaving Your Job: 5 Ways to Make a Last(ing) Impression

Whether you’ve landed the job of your dreams, a great promotion, a new degree or another set of PCS orders, what you do as a short-timer in the final week at your current job could impact your long-term career.

Here are five ways to make a last(ing) impression that is beneficial to you and your soon-to-be former employer.

Tie up loose ends

“The final week on a job is a time to tie up the loose ends of your position,” said Mark Renn, Career Management Professional and Chief Executive Officer of The CS Team.

Quack, Juggle, Quack, Quack – Sing it with me!

By Amy Nielsen

Classes start next week. Ducks in a row? Not so much! Heck, at least they are all in the same pond. Crud, there goes the little one . . .

Somehow the month that I had set aside before school started has flown by in a constant parade of field trips, large expenditures, unexpected sickies and calendar shuffling.

Museums Offer Free Admission to Military

Have you made your vacation or PCS travel plans yet?

Don’t finalize a thing until you check out the extensive list of museums across the nation that are offering free admission to military families this summer.

Every summer since 2010 The National Endowment for the Arts has collaborated with more than 2,000  museums, attractions and nature centers nationwide to allow free entry to military family. The free tickets are usually good between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

New locations are added each year. The full list should be announced in the coming days.

3…2…1… Submit Payment [Finality of the decision and the reality of now moving forward]

By Amy Nielsen

I did it! I paid in full for school.

I completed the student agreement. I have accessed the classroom portal for the first time. Now, I have two weeks to get my life in order for real. Classes start and away we go.

The imminence of this decision is finally hitting me and I am starting to panic. Holy cow, what did I get myself into! I know I can do it, I know I can do it, I know I can do it.  Breathe.

Decorating your Graduation Cap? Check the Rules First

When I graduated from college, more than a decade ago, I took a few slices of silver duct tape and spelled out -30- across the top of my graduation cap.

Journalism students knew it designated the end of a story. I thought I was savvy and cute, designating the end of my own story that day.

And, it made it easier for my family, two stories up in the graduation venue, to spot me amid a sea of black cap and gowns.

The Career Path less Traveled: Before the First Day of Class, Clean Out the Junk in Your Trunk

By Amy Nielsen

Think of your body as the box you have to unpack, to empty out the trash, so you can put more good stuff in.

Unless you get all the way to the toes, there is still junk in the trunk. Since many of us are going back to school on our own schedule, we have the luxury of setting ourselves up for success by taking the time to take out the trash in our brain and body before putting new stuff in.


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