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Wanted: A Federal Job The Importance of Excellent Customer Service Skills

By Holly Bates

WARNING! The following is a vent concerning a particular incident that occurred this week at the civilian personnel office at my current duty station. It is one I’m sure others can relate to. 

Heard It Through the Grapevine? Get the Facts Here

We’ve all been there … trying to get through the gate. Sometimes we’re late, sometimes we’re sick, sometimes we just have screaming children in the backseat and the need to just get home.  Inevitably, those are the days we will be stuck in the line behind “that guy.”

You know “that guy.” He’s the one that tried rolling onto your installation without the proper ID and holds up progress for every single person ready to continue their day. 

You know you’re a military spouse when

All I wanted to do was give the guy money. I had a bill to pay. I wanted to pay it. But I had to prove it was my account first. So, I gave the telephone operator my name, address and account number.

Military life = Happy Life! Yes, it does!

Have you ever met that one military spouse who was so overly positive about military life that it was just annoying? They even talk about being grateful for it?!

Websites We Love: Great and U.S News & World Report

How many schools have your kids attended since starting kindergarten?

Military kids change schools a lot, that's no secret. What often is hard to find is the best schools at your new duty station, especially if you live off base. There are two websites that we love that can help make the processing of choosing a school much easier.

Buying a House? Take advantage of your VA Loans

By Mandy Rebmann

Maybe you’ve just started thinking about owning a home, or maybe you already have a property in mind. One of the biggest questions facing potential homeowners is how much of a loan can they get?  Can you really afford that perfect house you’ve had your eye on? Or, if you haven’t fallen in love with a house yet, what should your ceiling price be?

What Story Does a Messy Desk Tell About You?

There are a lot of jokes about how a messy desk equals a creative mind. But does it equal a boss who is happy with your work?

More specifically, what story does your desk tell about you and what could it mean for your next evaluation? Most of us believe that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. The reality is, most of us do just that.

Military Families Everywhere, We Are One

In June, members of the Iraqi military were taken prisoner by ISIS. And they haven't been heard from since. ISIS claims to have massacred 1,700 Iraqi security force members.

Their families, military families, were confused, angry and terrified. They wanted answers. They demanded answers from the government they bravely served as the wives, children, parents and siblings of the nation's protectors.

A group of 100 of them stormed the parliament in Baghdad in early September. And they refused to leave until they were given answers.

We might have done the same.

Welcome Home! Now, Get to Work!

I spent last evening staring at the bookshelf downstairs. 

It’s very heavy and dark and wooden, and, well, it’s putting a real damper on my new light, airy and clean living room.

Or the new light, airy, and clean living room I’m envisioning in my mind’s eye, anyway.

Still, I want to move that bookshelf.

Volunteers Work, Because They Love

For the last year, I have volunteered for two different military organizations. Years ago, before I had my family, I did not volunteer because I didn’t think I had the time. Long days in the office and commuting were exhausting and I wanted to relax on my days off.


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