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August Job Fairs

If you PCS’d this summer you’ve probably unpacked your boxes and settled into your new quarters.

Why not start looking for a new job?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation continues to host hiring fairs across the country every month that are open only to military members and their spouses.

These companies know the skills that military spouses grow over their many moves and career changes and are looking to have them join their companies, even if for just a short while.

So, dig out that resume and your best outfit. You may just find the perfect job.

New Job, New Life – Bring it!

By Amy Nielsen

I am rarely speechless. It is almost unfathomable to try to describe what has just happened in my life. The best way I can think to describe it is: paradigm shift.

I honestly thought this blog would be the easiest thing in the world to write. It's turning out to be the hardest thing I have written yet. I can’t focus on any one aspect because every single aspect of my life has changed. Every. Single. One.

Lessons Learned from Military Wifehood

I was young when I married my soldier, a week before my 23nd birthday. I would also say that I was confident, positive, energetic, and just a little clueless. I loved life and couldn’t wait to grab it by the horns.

Not much has changed about me since then, or at least I like to think. But there are a few important lessons I learned along the way that helped me build on who I was and become who I am.

The ten most important lessons I’ve learned as a military spouse, in no particular order:

Job Performance Reviews: Control Your Conversations, Control Your Career

Does your stomach sink at the thought of getting through your annual performance appraisal? Well, you may soon be in for relief.

In December 2015, the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology announced the top ten work place trends for 2016. Coming in at number four, according to more than 700 members of the organization, is the changing nature of performance management and development.


By Amy Nielsen


This is unexpected and out of the blue. This particular job is not just any job either. It is a logistical nightmare in the making – just the way us military spouses like it.

Within the next three weeks I have to go on a weeklong business trip, have several medical tests and procedures, sort out a nanny for my daughters, and figure out how to get a new pair of riding boots to match my kilts before August first.

Boots! In July! Are you kidding me!?

Follow the Papertrail to Retirement

As my husband gets closer and closer to his retirement date, and with our pack-out date looming just a little more than a month away, we have been going through and sorting all of our paperwork.

Mountains and mountains of paperwork.

While we casually go through things each time we move and get rid of things like utility bills and the newcomer’s packet we received upon arrival at our current duty station, we have never gone through everything this thoroughly.

Rainbows from the Sky

By Amy Nielsen

While away on vacation last weekend, in the middle of the craziness when I missed every deadline, the universe plopped an opportunity in my lap that I had to reach for.

They say that with great risk comes great reward and never clip your own wings and such right? So I sent out a resume. Well, not really a resume so much seeing as I haven’t written one of those in over 10 years. Rather, it was the most enthusiastic letter of curriculum vitae that I have ever written.

Your College Degree Will Net You a Job

Ever wondered if the money and time spent on a college degree is worth it?

It is.

A new report from the Center for Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University says most new jobs are going to college graduates, both those holding bachelor’s and associate’s degrees, CNN reports.

When the recession hit the U.S. between December, 2007 and January, 2010, 7.2 million jobs were lost.

Since the U.S. job market began recovering in 2010, 11.6 million jobs were created. More than half of those, 8.4 million, were given to college graduates.

Should You Make Friends at Work?

Are you the new kid on the block at work again? As a military spouse you may be used to jumping right into the community every time you PCS. And, you are probably a pro at making friends pretty quickly. So, that makes the transition into new your community a breeze. Right?

Beautiful Boxes, Not the PCS Kind

It’s hip to be square these days. The market has exploded with monthly box deliveries of ready to make meals, dog treats and baby toys, a blessing for military families overseas whose shopping choices may be limited.

Mark one more item off your shopping list: beauty supplies. Glamorous, big name brands such as Sephora will deliver the monthly box of goodies to your door, but so will Walmart and Target. Most will deliver to overseas APO and FPO addresses.


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